Baddow & Galleywood

09 family history September 2017

Or intention was to show films with a choice of Mitchell and Kenyon films from the late 1800s, early 1900s, the restoration of the Hylands estate or an early Who Do You Think You Are film, but sadly the technology let us down - the projector we have successfully used previously had overheated when used by another group, so we had a different projector which didn't 'play properly' and after many of us tried in vain to make it work for about 30 minutes, we gave up and Jan and Martin 'entertained' us with tales of Jan's maiden aunt who turned out to have been married with three children [perhaps the big family secret]. I think we came to the conclusion that she may have been deserted by her husband and had 'given away' her children. We are hoping that Jan will discover more and be able to tell us more at some stage! However - here is an update - that evening two of us did some more 'digging' and found the name 'Grosclaude' - I think you will see how it can be transcribed as Groselande. Jan clinched it when she found a newspaper record of a funeral which Beatrice attended and where, I am sure, she would have been asked to spell her name for the reporter. So Jan Parsons [and Martin] will find other links to the name!

There was a very good suggestion - that we keep a list of those of us who are able to do 'look ups' - so those of us who have subscriptions to websites and are willing to help other members. If you are willing, let me know and I'll get a list together for circulation.

If you have a Tower of London poppy you may be interested in this - they want to record where the poppies are now.