Baddow & Galleywood

Roles & Responsibilities-Overview

Baddow & Galleywood U3A

Roles & Responsibilities - Overview

1. Chairman
To have an overview of the overall structure of Baddow & Galleywood U3A and to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the U3A on behalf of its members at all times as appropriate.

2. Vice Chairman
To provide support for the Chairman and to be available to cover the tasks assigned to the role of Chairman as and when considered necessary or appropriate.

3. Treasurer
In accordance with the Constitution, maintain the finances of the Baddow & Galleywood U3A.

4. Membership Secretary
The membership secretary maintains a database of members, and sends out welcoming information to new members. The membership secretary is the point of contact for people applying to join Baddow & Galleywood U3A.

5. Speaker Secretary
To secure suitable speakers for the monthly general meetings.

6. Business Secretary
To deal with all correspondence and ensure that the appropriate Members are kept informed in accordance with B&G policy.

7. Minutes Secretary
To take minutes at Committee meetings, distribute a draft to Committee Members and present Minutes to Committee for approval.

8. Groups Co-ordinator
Be the contact point for all the co-ordinators and liaise with the Committee and keep all parties informed.

9. Committee Members
To undertake such duties as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Branch in accordance with Branch Policy and the B&G Constitution.

10. Web Administrator
To maintain and modify the Website as necessary and to give advice to Co-ordinators in modifying their respective pages.

11. Interest Group Co-ordinator
Arrange meetings of the group and keep a register of everyone attending in accordance with Branch Policy and the B&G Constitution.