Baddow & Galleywood

Garden Group Meetings 2012

January - A very successful first meeting of 2012. Seventeen members attended all taking part in the A-Z Quiz. This was followed by tea and biscuits and then down to organising events for the next year.

February - Seventeen members enjoyed an afternoon of DVDs on a very cold but sunny afternoon. I hasten to add the hall was very warm. Many thanks to Marjorie for organising it, and Phyllis and her helpers for the refreshments.

March 1st - Fifteen members enjoyed a good afternoon. Jan showed slides of her garden through the seasons and Vera showed pictures of gardens in Kent and Sussex. Many thanks to Jan and Jenny for organising the refreshments and Margot, Marjorie, Vera and Jan for their part in making the afternoon.

April 5th - Meeting at Bowls Club 2.15pm - We had 13 attending and we started by sorting out our Provisional Programme etc then discussed various topics such as blind daffodils and pruning roses. (Re next month - Jan will check about the tulips about a week before as if they are finished it was agreed we will cancel visit.) The Sad Story was read by Margot and surprisingly most answers were shouted out correctly when she paused at the spaces. The Feel Blind Box with 6 compartments had been cleverly put together by Margot and some were brave enough to put their hand in to guess what they were touching but none of us got all 6 'items' which ranged from squidgy moss to snail shells. Plants and seeds were swopped, the raffle drawn and we had a very enjoyable meeting with the usual cup of tea and biscuits. Time didn't allow for us to have a good look at the list of gardening anagrams so it was decided to mull them over until next month's meeting!

May 3rd - Sadly, after all Jan's hard work, bad weather ruined our visit to see the tulips at Ulting Wick. Once again Margot came to the rescue opening up her home to eight members who were going to Ulting although her garden was badly flooded by all the extra water from the stream at the bottom of her garden. (see photo) When we arrived we walked around the garden to see the damage but there were still lots of plants, shrubs and flowers unaffected and fortunately by the time we left you could see the water level was dropping. We had a very good afternoon - not all the chatter was about gardening! Jan made a 'friendship cake' which was much enjoyed and has already booked our visit to Ulting next May - hopefully third time lucky. Many thanks to Margot and Jan for their hard work.

June 7th - Orchard Cottage Rayleigh. Unfortunately another abortive visit - the weather has certainly been against us this year hasn't it! Anyway thanks to everyone who turned up at the bowls club - you all certainly showed willing despite the inclement weather! However I think we were nearly all agreed that it wouldn't have been much fun traipsing round a garden in the rain. I will try and book Orchard Cottage again for next year. Next month we are due to go to Furzelea in Danbury so hope to see you all then. Jan

July 5th - At last luck was on our side after the previous two months disappointments due to the bad weather.
On a beautiful afternoon 12 members visited to Furzelea in Danbury. It is a truly magnificent garden, with lawns, pond, veg patch, many different types of shrubs and trees and flower beds crammed full with colour. Avril with her vast acknowledge was able to help answer our many questions.
We sat under a horsechestnut tree eating delicious cake made by Avril with a cup of tea poured by her husband (whose name I am afraid I have forgotten). Many thanks to Margot for organising the afternoon. Joyce

August 2nd - With a mixture of sunny periods and rain 17 members enjoyed an afternoon of two halves. Firstly we met at the allotments off Meadgate Avenue, Great Baddow. Yvonne, who has had an allotment for many years, gave us a tour showing us the varied vegetables, fruit bushes and flowers that were being grown. Wellington boots, waterproofs and umbrellas came in very useful. We did, however finish the visit in brilliant sunshine.
We then all went to Dot for homemade fruit cake, chocolate cake, and friendship cake and tea. Dot has a lovely garden which we were able to enjoy between the showers.
Many thanks to both Yvonne and Dot for making this afternoon very enjoyable.

September 6th - Visit to Wood View Gardens, Great Totham. The weather was perfect and the gardens were beautiful. We had a guided tour by Edwin and Ian of the gardens and their allotments. Edwin's mum served tea and had made delicious cakes (including scones with fresh cream and raspberries). We had the opportunity to buy plants and were given courgettes to take home with us! A wonderful end to what has been a pretty dismal summer for the gardening club!

With the summer programme now over we will be holding the next six meetings at the Great Baddow Bowls Club, Bt Baddow Recreation Ground.

October 4th - Meeting at Bowls Club 2.15pm - David from Abercorn speaking on Dahlias etc - Yesterday 20 members listened to a most interesting talk by Dave Gillam of Abercorn on his favourite 'hobby' dahlias.

For those who were unable to go to the meeting Dave is the National Champion at each of the English, Welsh and Scottish National Dahlia Society competitions. These three awards have never been won in a single year by one exhibitor.

Dave showed us the process of producing the winning blooms from the very beginning and how many flowers are discarded on the way. It takes total dedication and total commitment. Many thanks to Jenny, Jan, Margot and Lesley for all their help.

November 1st - Meeting at Bowls Club 2.15pm organised by Jenny and this afternoon 21 members enjoyed an interesting and sometimes entertaining time when Margaret Willis showed us how to make hanging baskets. Two very different baskets were arranged, one with all autumn colours and the other brightly coloured. There were plenty of plants for sale and a successful raffle.
Many thanks to everyone for their help towards a successful afternoon.
As promised a list of items which Yvonne has asked us to bring to the meeting December.
Recepticle i.e. basket
frog (item to keep oasis in place) bought from florist
Christmas decorations, wires

December 6th - Meeting at Bowls Club 2.15pm - Fourteen members braved the cold for the Christmas meeting. Yvonne gave a demonstration on floral arrangements using green foliage, flowers and some Christmas decorations. Members then spent some time making their own arrangements. Tea, coffee and mincepies were served. Yvonne raffled two of her arrangements and Margot and I were lucky to win. Many thanks to Yvonne for all her hard work in preparing for a very successful afternoon. Many thanks also to Jenny and her helpers.

For the next meeting on January 3rd, David Clarke will be talking on gardens in Worcester & Cheshire area and Tatton Park. This should be a very interesting afternoon and friends of members will be very welcome.

Before the meeting started, a general conversation was had re future trips. It was agreed that for the journies 20p per mile will be shared between the passengers - NOT the driver. Whoever the driver for the trip will say the approximate mileage. The reason for this arrangement is that it saves any awkwardness.