Baddow & Galleywood

02 Feb 2020 successes and problems

We had a very successful meeting and talked about the following successes -

o Auxiliary units – a cache of weapons, ammunition and grenades found in Hylands Park are believed to be from one of these units. Pauline asked about how they were recruited and this will help .

o Pauline has been given a lot of old newspapers and has started searching them expecting mentions of her family but so far has only found one – a mention in the Express of 18th August 1967 of her great grandmother’s 98th birthday. Pauline remembered that the previous year her great grandmother had celebrated too well and ended up in hospital! The article said that Mrs Brightwell had worked for the Duchess of Argyle and had ended up as her lady’s maid in Inverary Castle. [Clive suggested that Pauline contacted the Express for a copy.]

o Jan brought us up-to-date with a problem from the last time – she has discovered that the GRO has death records to 2019 and that the man whose whereabouts she had been searching had died in 2015 and Jan was able to tell her friends. So a sad success.

o Ann had contacted people on Ancestry about incorrect facts on trees that had come up as matches for hers and these incorrect facts had been removed.
We had a little time for a theme ‘Food that you had as a child’ and Lesley had found a wonderful article which brought back memories to all of us of Vesta curries, chicken in a basket and so much more.