Baddow & Galleywood

12 - December 2019 - social meeting

We were an elite group on Friday but got a lot done and had a lot of
laughs plus nice things to eat! Thanks to all those who sent their
apologies and best wishes for Christmas and we look forward to seeing
you next year.

After we thought about next year we chatted about various Christmases -
Christmas 1945 from the Chronicle with suggestions for Christmas gifts,
and what someone predicted 22 years ago for Christmas in the 21st
century - scaringly accurate! We heard of tiny presents that fitted
inside walnut shells that were then glued back together; and walnut
shells as beds for tiny handmade wool dolls; cooking Christmas dinner in
a bikini in Australia; being given a taste of a pomegranate; the first
[and last] taste of a banana; and we even have a member of our group who
was a ten pound Pom.

Happy Christmas and an interesting new year to look forward to!