Baddow & Galleywood

10 - 2019 October Successes & Problems

Our meeting was very lively and interesting!

We started by dealing with problems –
• We made suggestions for Pat H. who had a problem with adoption, although the child appeared to have been born years after the parents’ marriage.

• Jan Parson’s friend had lost touch with someone a couple of years ago and wanted to try to make contact if possible. We suggested,, or ‘formally’ writing to a neighbour.

• Pat could not find the man of the house in the 1939 register, although the rest of the family were listed. She had tried the full name, the exact date of birth, various towns, but with no luck. As he worked for Marconi we wondered if he could be abroad and would be listed in the personnel records. I have found this It may help. The Marconi Archives are in Oxford.

Then successes –

• Linda was looking again at a soldier who was in Hylands Military Hospital, for whom she had found very little. He was awarded a Military Medal but even the regimental records only had his initials and number and his surname - Clark. However Find My Past now has the details of ‘Lives of the First World War’ which were given by families a few years ago and found a record of his family and a photo. We decided that it is always worth looking again as RECORDS ARE ALWAYS BEING ADDED!!

• Jan was able to look at a book in the British Library which gave her a lot of background information on the Irish immigrants who settled in York. Originally they had to be resident for five years before they could get parish relief.

We then went onto houses of our ancestors that we have visited -

• Linda’s great grandmother died in what originally was the Bluecoats school in Beverley, facing Beverley Minster.

• Pauline’s family had a grand house [and super car] near Stansted Mount Fitchet, that lost some of its garden to the airport.

• Val had a lovely photo of a house in Broadstairs. [SOME HOUSES CAN BE FOUND ON GOOGLE STREETVIEW]

• Lesley had stayed in the hotel in Scotland which was the Manse where her husband’s ancestor lived

• Judy had met someone who now lives in the house in Hornchurch where she once lived.

• Pauline said she had regretted visiting a house she once knew well – it was so different.

• Clive had been taken to see Red Holme, North Berwick [now apartments]. As a small boy, when his mother was very ill, his father asked Barnardo’s to help look after his two children. Sadly they were separated and Clive was here for a couple of years.

• Trish had visited the log cabin in Beaver Lodge, Alberta, Canada – the home of her ancestors.