Around Alloway

Our planned visit to Benmore Gardens on Monday 16th September 2019 had to be cancelled due to transport difficulties. Instead, on a fine sunny morning we took a stroll around Alloway, mainly in Belleisle and Rozelle parks.

We saw, amongst others, Pedunculate (English) Oak, Giant Sequoia, Turkey Oak, Spanish Fir, Holm Oak, Hornbeam, Nootka Cypress, Red Oak, Weeping Larch and one or two still to be identified.

Later ...

New probable identifications from photos:

(1) small conifer with very large cones near main entrance to Rozelle Park - Noble Fir; on returning a couple of weeks later, the cones had disintegrated, leaving just a spine with scattered seeds/bracts amongst the branches and on the ground - I recall hearing that large fir cones never fall to the ground but disperse their seeds by exploding on the tree, but we don't usually get to see the cone skeletons as they are normally to be found near the top of tall trees.

(2) beech tree with typical fruit and bark, but delicate indented leaves, at the back of Rozelle House - fagus sylvatica asplenifolia, known as cut leaf or fern leaf beech.

(3) alder near SW corner of Cambusdoon Sports Club - went back and took more photos, then consulted books and searched online. Now fairly confident this is an Italian alder. The most obvious difference between this and the common alder is the leaf shape.

(4)avenue of young conifers recently planted along the bath in Belleisle leading towards Rozelle - went back and took photos and now think they are Nootka cypress.

(5) the outlandish fruit consisting of an elaborately curled fleshy outer containing one or more nuts - discovered by Moira - may be a cobnut.

Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.