Group activities in 2017

On 14th December, on a particularly cold and wet morning, just a few brave members attended for the Ayr Sketch Club annual exhibition at the Maclaurin Gallery. Armed with an 'aide-de-critique,' the paintings were individually viewed and one or two chosen for their impact, before being critically discussed with the rest of the group.

On 9th November, the group travelled up to Glasgow to visit both the Hunterian Museum and the Lighthouse to view Mackintosh's furniture and interior designs. These visits book-ended an enjoyable lunch at the Willow Tea Rooms, where we were able to experience the 'comfort' of his chairs first hand.

On 12th October, Helena Burgoyne hosted the group at her home for a session based on Art on the theme of Autumn. Members of the group shared some favourites, including paintings ranging from Acimboldo to Sargent, Bruegel to Monet, and the rust-inspired architecture of the Caixa Forum, Madrid.

On 14th September, at the Tesco Community Room, Andy Shand led the group through a lively and colourful presentation on the Art of Stamps. This wide-ranging and personal view of the development of stamps around the world, touched on economics, propaganda, steamships, fakes, Tom of Finland and, oh yes, art!

On 10th August, Moira and Sandy Whalen hosted the group at their home for a session entitled One Step Too Far! Each member selected an example of 'Art' which they just could not relate to, and spoke about their personal reaction to it; topics covered included tattoos, Picasso's Las Meninas, Hirst's For the Love of God, moonstones and black paintings.

On 13th July, Margaret Ross hosted the group at her home, where she lead us through the theory and practice of 'How to read a painting.’

On 8th June, Moira and Sandy Whalen hosted the group at their home for a Bring and Tell session. Each group member brought along 1 or 2 of their favourites to share and discuss, covering prints, ceramic tiles, bronzes, wood, paintings, scrap art, books and photography.

On 11th May, we held a business meeting at the Burns' Birthplace Museum, Alloway, to discuss and agree a programme for the forthcoming months.

On 13th April, Gilbert Park hosted the group at his home, where he shared his passion for Chinese ceramics.

On 2nd March, the group met at the Maclaurin and Rozelle Galleries, Rozelle Park, Ayr. Margaret Ross led us round the Alexander Goudie exhibition illustrating Tam o' Shanter.

The inaugural meeting was held on 8th February at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum - to meet and get to know each other, and swap ideas on how we would like the group to run. The group will aim to tap into the interests and talents of the group members and to learn from each other.

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