Check the Groups page for details on groups. Some of our groups are meeting online so if you fancy trying something new contact the group to find out if they are running online sessions.

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An Update on Ayr U3A - 2nd July, 2020.

We are still very active, but in a different way!
Here is a summary of where we're at. If you want to see any more, read the Newsletter to which there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Our monthly meetings have now recommenced, but in virtual Zoom format. Our last conventional meeting was in February.

Many of our interest groups have discovered other ways of keeping in touch. Zoom has become a firm favourite.

Quiz Night
Normally we have a Quiz night once a month, which takes place in a local pub/restaurant. As well as the quiz, members are invited to join for a pre-quiz meal. Now, we're having the Quizzes every Monday evening at 7pm courtesy of Zoom.

We had a one-off 'Cheese and Wine Party', although members had to provide their own cheese and wine. For entertainment, there was a musical quiz.
No doubt there will be more of these 'One-off' social gatherings.

Regular Tuesday afternoon Chats.
On Tuesday afternoons at 3pm, there is a chance for a natter with other members over a cup of coffee - using Zoom of course!

The groups using Zoom are gradually increasing in number.
They include:
French Conversation On Tuesdays, this group now splits into four, to have a conversations based on some thoughtful questions provided by Moira.
Spanish Group are continuing to meet using Zoom.
News Review Group have just decided to become virtual too! They are meeting weekly on Thursdays. 10.30 - 12.30. Contact Ritchie Ross via the envelope symbol for more information.
Book Group
Backgammon Our regular weekly face-to-face meetings have been replaced with online backgammon sessions accompanied with 'Zoom' video conferencing to enable our usual (friendly) banter to continue.
Art Appreciation have been very active.
The Outings Group have been watching National Theatre Productions and some Lloyd-Webber productions.
Family Social History had several very successful meetings. On April 30th they talked about the Ayrshire Tattie Harvest. It was based on an exhibition that had been planned to take place in Girvan. Instead South Ayrshire Council put the exhibition on-line and it generated lots of discussion. (If you wish to look at the website yourselves, here it is! https://southayrshirehistory.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/theres-nothing-quite-like-an-ayrshire-tattie/ ) During that meeting, it became obvious that we had all had completely different experiences of school while growing up, so the next subject for discussion was "Schools". Then in June, the group compared their Holiday Jobs.
The Bakery group have had their first meeting on Zoom.
The 'Sharp Pencils', our creative writing group is now functioning. Lorraine will add a new project website once a week. Dip in and out and have a browse and see if any tickle your imaginations. Prompts and projects are only set to help to inspire you and to start you off with some ideas on where to begin - it's NOT homework; they are some creative prompts to wake your imagination and to see where your words take you.

Committee Meetings.
We have been holding our meetings using Zoom. It works surprisingly well. It's possible that we might continue the format, since it makes attendance easier for some of members because of distance.

We held our AGM on Zoom. We elected our committee, but we hope to have an extra meeting later in the year so that members can find it easier to ask questions and voice their opinions.

In normal times, I send out a newsletter about twice a month to remind members of forthcoming monthly meetings, and a bit about what the groups are up to.
More recently, I have been sending out newsletters more frequently to tell members that although we're in lockdown, we have all these other things going on.

For members not on email, I send out newsletters via post. I specifically ask the postal members if there is anything at all that we can do to help them.

To keep in touch, members usually use email, and most are adapting to Zoom gradually.

Some of our members have commented that the Zoom tutorial on the Zoom website is very useful.

Obviously, there have been some disappointments. A group trip to Cartagena has been cancelled. Multiple theatre outings are off. The lunch group can't get together to explore new restaurants. Obviously, the Cyclists, the Walkers and the Tree Spotters are in a state of paralysis at the moment.

In summary, although we're not functioning as usual, we are attempting to keep things rolling over. I've been amazed at the ingenuity and originality of some of our members. They obviously value the friendships that have developed since joining Ayr U3A, and they are determined not to let Coronavirus get in the way of them!
None of us know how long this situation is going to last. In the meantime, we just have to make the most of it!


CORONAVIRUS - Advice from Third Age Trust - 3rd March, 2020.

This is the latest Coronavirus Advice from the Third Age Trust CEO, Sam Mauger.
We will continue to update the advice when required to respond to any further developments in the spread of the virus.
We would ask U3A committees and members to keep fellow members up to date with advice about coronavirus.

Our advice currently is as follows:

At all times members should follow the most up to date government advice about coronavirus. We hope that coronavirus will not affect any of our members.

• ❖ If a member has returned from one of the areas identified by the government and has any of the symptoms identified on the government website they should not hold interest groups in their own homes, or attend interest groups or attend monthly meetings until they have followed the NHS advice provided after calling 111.

• ❖ If a U3A finds that a member has contracted coronavirus, please let the Trust know immediately.

• ❖ The members of interest groups that any member with coronavirus has attended should all call 111 to ask for advice.

• ❖ The monthly meeting should be cancelled for that month (and possibly longer) until the spread of the virus has been assessed.

In general a U3A may consider other precautions such as using hand sanitiser gel in interest groups and monthly meetings and reducing physical contact such as shaking hands until further information becomes available.

We understand that each committee will assess the risk to their members and make the decisions
that they feel can ensure the safety of their members, taking into account any known risks at that time.


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