Art Appreciation

Facilitator: Moira Whalen
Deputy Facilitator: Helena Burgoyne

Frequency: second Thursday of the month, from 10.00 - 12.00
Location: as specified in the programme

The group's aim is to learn together and through each other, while reflecting the interests and talents of the group members.

Recent activities

We had almost a full house on 12th November - virtually speaking that is - to enjoy Elaine Hanson's fascinating and informative presentation on Italian Futurism. Elaine showed us that there is more to Italian Art than images of religious themes. She explored for us the period between 1909 and 1944 when a small group of artists were following the futurist manifesto written by Filippo Marinette. It was a celebration of modernity, speed, industry and mechanisation. In addition to clarifying the major themes and influences of the movement Elaine suggested the legacy of its participants. We were also guided towards galleries which will help us explore the movement further once this is all over! Thanks to Elaine for an excellent talk.

11 of us enjoyed a very varied presentation via Zoom on 8th October. Members allowed their imaginations to soar on the theme of Art and Music. We explored Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"; Klimt and Beethoven; Kandinsky's "On Spirituality in Art"; Tchaikovsky's 1812 and images of the Battle of Borodino; Seurat and Sondheim; Millais and Lou Reed; Salvador Dali and Karl Jenkins and we concluded with that timeless classic - Walt Disney's interpretation of The Sourcerer's Apprentice to the music of Dukas. See Link to Art and Music file.

On the 10th September 10 members entered the Zoom room for a member's presentation on the Life and Work of the Scottish artist Joan Eardley. I shall not describe the event because it will be repeated for the full membership to enjoy at the October Monthly meeting. However I will add that the meeting was then pleasantly hijacked by a conspiracy to celebrate a birthday in style - "putting the ART into PARTY!" The blushes are only now subsiding. A warm "Thank you" to all involved.

13th August and glorious sunshine in Ayr! That and unfortunately some technical issues with Zoom meant that just eight of us were able to share our dreams of "Once this is Over..." We travelled far from our computer screens - to the Taj Mahal; to Paris and the Musee d'Orsay; to China to visit the terracotta warriors; to the Hermitage in St Petersburg; to Art Deco in Lille; to the South of France in Charles Rennie Mackintosh's footsteps and more locally to London and to Morecambe. Please explore the document that our travels generated through the link below. Sadly we shall be in front of our Zooming screens for some time to come. However some members are now meeting informally in compliance with the latest guidelines to enjoy the gradual reopening of galleries and thereby to support these wonderful institutions.

On 9th July 11 of us met via Zoom to discuss how and why a work of art can have a calming effect and to select a piece of art that has that effect on us. Once again we enjoyed sharing our ideas and through these choices getting to know and understand each other better. Interestingly one member chose a piece of music, an art form we haven't yet considered. Is there the interest to establish a Music Appreciation Group? Once again a pdf file has been created as a record of our meeting and for the interest of our members who don't Zoom. (see below)

On 11th June 12 of our members took part in a Zoom meeting on Sculpture. It proved to be a very popular topic and two hours didn't seem long enough. We had mined a lot of information to share and compared our reactions to the sculptures. Many of us are eagerly anticipating being able to visit these thought provoking art works sometime in the future but in the meantime 2 pdf files have been generated to share with non-zooming members. (see below) Sculpture I and Sculpture II

For this month of May 13 intrepid members took part in the Zoom meeting entitled The Art on our Walls. Seeing as we are confined to our four walls we thought rather than climb them we should celebrate the art we choose to display on them!
It was good to see so many familiar faces and there was plenty of talk and lots of fun - I trust. We were introduced to new artists, shared stories and got to know each other better.
In advance contributions had been sent to the facilitator and a pdf file compiled for the interest of all - whether they were able to join us virtually or not. You can find the link to this file on this page. ARTOOW (at the foot of the page)

Welcome Back!....to virtual activities.
We met as originally planned on Thursday 9th April at 10am with the help of Zoom. 11 brave souls mastered the technology and joined a video conference via Zoom. Seven members selected exhibits from The Glasgow Society of Women Artists' Exhibition which had been put on line by the Maclaurin Gallery due to the Covid 19. The members discussed their choices and the reasons for them. A pdf document of the pictures and responses to them was also published to the whole group to enjoy.
Those present then helped to engender a skeleton programme for the coming year. As this is very fluid I shall not publish it here - except to announce that our next meeting 10am 14th May will also be via Zoom.

NB All trips and meetings currently suspended - Replaced by virtual meetings.

This month we enjoyed a feast of slides illustrating the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau Movements which Jean had compiled to accompany her explanation of these movements. Jean informed us that the Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 19th Century spearheaded by William Morris was a reaction against brutish mass production. It was a movement that valued craftsmanship and good design and which used the natural world for inspiration. This movement developed at the turn of the century into various movements around Europe and the States related to each other and recognised as Art Nouveau. Jean made us aware of the common features of Art Nouveau and the ways in which the various schools differed. She brought an extensive range of examples for us to examine. Thanks to Jean for all her hard work!

Thursday 13th February The Horse in Art. Some of us may have wondered at Joy's title, others made guesses as to art works and artists she would choose but none of us were prepared for the delights of her alphabetic canter through the world of equine art with the added challenge of a quiz at the end! Joy took us from the cave paintings at Lascaux (A for Antiquity) through to Damien Hurst and Andy Scott of today. Along the way we learned of the importance of the horse to mankind, the strength and power of their anatomy and their prestige. The artists she chose were representative of many artistic media and the horses depicted belonged to the hunt, war, industry, the sport of kings, myth and legend and the world of entertainment.

2020 got off to a fantastic start with Elaine's presentation on The Glasgow Girls. 1890-1920 saw a flowering of artistic enterprise in Glasgow establishing The Glasgow Style. Unusually for the times, women were highly influential in the movement and Elaine highlighted five of these: Jessie Newbery, Ann Macbeth, Jessie M King and the MacDonald sisters, Margaret and Frances. They had all studied at the Glasgow School of Art under the direction of Fra Newbery. We learned of their expertise in many media including textiles, gesso, jewellery, illustration and ceramics. They were placed firmly in their era both artistically and politically. Elaine enriched her talk with details of their lives and several beautiful slides showing their iconic work.

Dates for your Diary
Thu Dec 10th Desert Island Daubs
Festive fun and frolics
10am via Zoom
(Bring your own Mulled Wine and mince pies)

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