Rozelle Park

Untroubled by superstition, 13 of us enjoyed a stroll around Rozelle Park on a warm and sunny October morning. We discovered a number of trees recorded as Champions on The Tree Register, as well as other notable specimens. These included:

Common Yew
Holm Oak
Cedar of Lebanon (S.Ayrshire)
Dwarf Scots Pine (Scotland)
Lucombe Oak (S.Ayrshire)
Cut-leaf Beech
Weeping Lawson's Cypress (S.Ayrshire)
Tulip Tree
Dawyck Beech
Katsura tree (probable)
Weeping Silver Lime
Dawn Redwood (S.Ayrshire)
Pond Cypress (Scotland)
Grey Alder (Scotland)
European Larch (S.Ayrshire)
Deodar (S.Ayrshire)

(Champion status in brackets)

The risk assessment for this walk can be viewed by choosing the link (right).