Brodick Castle

Perfect weather We enjoyed perfect weather for our trip to Brodick Castle, even enjoying al fresco lunch in the warm sunshine. Armed with a list of Champion trees (those noted for their height or girth in The Tree Register) and notable or veteran trees (from The Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory) we set out to find as many as we could. Despite somewhat vague descriptions/maps we were pleased to find at least 8 out of 20,plus one or twounexpected surprise.

Silver fir Coigue Veteran sycamore Manuka Measuring the girth

This tall silver fir was one from the list, as were the coigue, the veteran sycamore (probably the tree with the greatest girth on the estate) and the somewhat daintier manuka.

Cork oak Huon pine Surprise discovery Not so quiet reflection. Gordon and friend

There were also some surprise discoveries, not all of them trees.

Castle driveway The Castle Looking back

The castle itself was a delightful backdrop for our day.