Aylsham, Norfolk


Dear Friends
This month I am afraid that in agreement with the committee we agreed that is best to cancel the Christmas meal on the 18th December as it is very unlikely that things will have improved enough for it to go ahead.
We have thought that as soon as conditions have improved enough next year, we would like to hold a group meal so we can remind ourselves of what we all look like. I would like to thank Chris and Alan Groombridge for this excellent idea. I will keep you posted.
The coach companies are coming out with their schedules, so I hope to have schedule of events ready for the December Newsletter.
Alas now I have little else to say. My thoughts are with you all, I look forward to getting a new programme of events together, and I hope very, very much I will see more of you all in the New year.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards - Ian Gravenell, Vice Chairman and Social Secretary

You can contact Ian, our Social Secretary, by email (*see Contacts page*) or by telephone on 07423 280110