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The Gardening group has been on, off and finally on, hopefully with a new lady, Maureen Matthews, offering to be the leader. The next meeting will be Friday 15th November, at the library in Main Street, Willerby.

I am always giving some thought to new groups, and we are hoping to start groups for Golf, German conversation, along with Spanish and Italian language groups. Anyone interested?
Over the last year we have started a Discussion group, the Pudding club, Cinema group, a Bridge Group, a Classical Music Group, The Supper Club, a Flex and Stretch Group and a French Conversation Group.
If you are interested in joining any of these groups or would like to start a new one by passing on your knowledge or talent, contact Sue McPhee Interest Group Coordinator. We are always looking for opportunities to start up new groups especially where members show a keen interest.

Sue McPhee



We would like to see if there is any interest in bringing the Gardening group back. I have had an offer from a lady who may be willing to lead this group.
We are also hoping to start new beginners’ groups in French to complement the existing groups that are oversubscribed. If you have an interest or activity that we do not have a group for, there may be one in a neighbouring U3A.

Please contact Sue McPhee (652766) if you have ideas for a new interest group. BE ADVENTUROUS - have a chat with any of the existing interest group leaders, all of whom are volunteers, and you might find it’s not as daunting as you think!!!!



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