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Hi all you quizzers out there. I’m going to put a quiz on the web-site each week including a table-top round. Have a go and I’ll put the answers on the web the following week along with the next quiz. Keep safe and see you all soon. Chris x x (You can find all the usual Quizzing Group information at the foot of this page.)

Really sorry for the delay in this next quiz, number 8. Believe it or not I don’t know where the time goes considering we’re not doing anything!! I’ll try and keep to a weekly offering but will apologise now if it slips!!!! Have given you 5 extra questions as a bonus.

Quiz 8
1. What does a German mean if he says something is ‘kaput’?
2. Which fruit can be served Belle Helene?
3. On the Union Jack, how many blue triangles are there?
4. What was invented by Dom Peter Perignon, a French monk?
5. What is a ‘tam-o’-shanter?
6. Which bodily organ is affected by hepatitis?
7. For which sport was Duncan Goodhew famous?
8. Which TV series was set in Sun Hill police station?
9. How many pins are in the back row of a ten-pin bowling triangle?
10. Which bear had a friend named Boo Boo?
11. Prince Charles is Duke of which English County?
12. Which is the only bird that can fly backwards?
13. The River Forth flows into which sea?
14. Which sweets were ‘made to make your mouth water’?
15. Who or what flock together according to the saying?
16. Which actress played Jessica Fletcher in ‘Murder She Wrote’?
17. Which sport is played on the largest pitch: cricket, football or polo?
18. Which Alan portrayed the character Jonathan Creek?
19. Which children’s programme featured Bungle and Zippy?
20. For which sport was Fatima Whitbread famous?
21. What type of TV programme is presented by Nadiya Hussain?
22. Which Scottish city has the biggest population?
23. On a UK coin does Elizabeth II face left or right? (no peeking!)
24. Which is largest in size: the USA, Germany or Canada?
25. What is the common name for the clavicle?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Old Money link.

Quiz 7 (Answers below)
1. Which Tory MP earned the name ‘Goldilocks’?
2. Has a violin 4, 6 or 8 strings?
3. Where did Peter Mayle spend a year of his life?
4. Which valuable things were made by Thomas Sheraton?
5. What type of crazy cops were created by Mack Sennett?
6. What is the least number of Mondays that can occur in July?
7. Bob Hawke was Prime Minister of which country?
8. On TV who played ‘The Equaliser’?
9. On which river are the Niagara Falls?
10. A Model T Ford was nicknamed ‘Tin’ what?
11. In movies what colour is Shrek?
12. The Matterhorn is in which European mountain range?
13. Steak au poivre is steak covered in what?
14. What was the name of Admiral Nelson’s ship?
15. Which shipping line did the Titanic belong to?
16. If Dennis the Menace what is Beryl?
17. Which French port is closest to Britain?
18. Who composed the music for ‘Cats’?
19. Which soup is made from a variety of vegetables and pasta?
20. Tea contains which acid?

and again, if you still want more, click on this By Any Other Name link.

Answers to Quiz 7
1. Michael Hesletine
2. Four
3. Provence
4. Furniture
5. Keystone
6. Four
7. Australia
8. Edward Woodward
9. Niagara
10. Lizzie
11. Green
12. The Alps
13. Pepper
14. Victory
15. White Star Line
16. The Peril
17. Calais
18. Andrew Lloyd Webber
19. Minestrone
20. Tannic/Tannin

Answers to By Any Other Name
1. Elton John
2. Cary Grant
3. Helen Mirren
4. Johnny Vegas
5. Brains (in Thunderbirds)
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. Ringo Starr
8. Tina Turner
9. Mark Twain
10. Princess Michael of Kent
11. Michael Caine
12. Lenin
13. John le Carre
14. Judy Garland
15. Jasper Carrot
16. Charlotte Bronte
17. Buffalo Bill
18. Bob Dylan
19. Meat Loaf
20. Boris Karloff

Quiz 6 (Answers below)
1. Which firework is named after a Saint?
2. What hormone is injected by an Epi-pen?
3. How many centimetres are there in 6.5 metres?
4. In the TV song who was ‘the Wonderhorse’?
5. After how many years must an election be held in Britain?
6. Jamaica is in which sea?
7. In the 60s what was Biba?
8. Which month of the year in Britain includes the shortest day?
9. ‘Shaun the Sheep’ was a spin off from which animation?
10. In the Bible on which mountain was Moses told the Ten Commandments?
11. At which park is Princess Diana buried?
12. For which sport is Chris Eubank famous?
13. In which battle was King Harold killed?
14. Which is the largest castle in Britain?
15. In which capital is ‘The Capitol’ building?
16. What was the name of Superman’s home planet?
17. Bridge Farm and Brookfield Farm feature in which long-running soap?
18. Which phobia describes the fear of spiders?
19. What type of vehicle is seen on the Cresta Run?
20. Dictionary expert Suzie Dent features regularly on which programme?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Initial Letters of Phrases link.

Answers to Quiz 6
1. Catherine wheel
2. Adrenaline
3. 650
4. Champion
5. Five
6. Caribbean
7. A boutique
8. December
9. Wallace & Gromit
10. Mount Sinai
11. Althorp Park
12. Boxing
13. Battle of Hastings
14. Windsor Castle
15. Washington
16. Krypton
17. The Archers
18. Arachnophobia
19. Toboggan
20. Countdown

Answers to Initial Letters of well-known phrases or sayings
1. Off the record
2. Fly off the handle
3. Take the mickey
4. Pull a fast one
5. Knocked for six
6. Poke your nose in
7. Tie the knot
8. Go fifty fifty
9. Tighten your belt
10. Do a runner
11. Nip in the bud
12. As bold as brass
13. Cut and dried
14. A snake in the grass
15. A pig in a poke
16. To eat humble pie
17. Once bitten twice shy
18. The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo
19. Grasp the nettle
20. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Quiz 5 (Answers below)
1. Which school did Prince Harry attend when he was 13?
2. The Spanish city of Seville is famous for what?
3. Where does the Trooping of the Colour take place in London?
4. What is the main ingredient of the drink mead?
5. In which month is the State Opening of Parliament?
6. Who has children called Poppy, Daisy, Petal, Buddy and River?
7. Which letter describes a soft lead pencil?
8. How long is an American president’s term of office?
9. In medicine what do the letters ENT stand for?
10. Whose life story was entitled ‘Stand By Your Man’?
11. In which Scottish city are the Rebus novels set?
12. Which children’s favourite bear said he had ‘very little brain’?
13. What is the popular name for the antirrhinum?
14. Dr Frank-N-Furter is a character in which musical?
15. Who wrote ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet’?
16. Which English county has a border with only one other county?
17. What colour is normally associated with ecological groups?
18. Which country did the Paso Doble dance originate in?
19. What is Britain’s busiest ferry passenger port?
20. For which sport is Pat Eddery famous?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Cryptic Chocolate Quiz link.

Answers for Quiz 5
1. Eton
2. Oranges
3. Horse Guards Parade
4. Honey
5. November
6. Jamie Oliver
7. B
8. Four years
9. Ears , Nose and Throat
10. Tammy Wynette
11. Edinburgh
12. Winnie the Pooh
13. Snapdragon
14. Rocky Horror Show
15. James Herriot
16. Cornwall
17. Green
18. Spain
19. Dover
20. Horse racing

Answers to Cryptic Chocolate
1. After Eight
2. Mars Bar
3. Black Magic
4. Milk Tray
5. Matchmakers
6. Roses
7. Flake
8. Moonlight
9. KitKat
10. Quality Street
11. Milky Way
12. Galaxy
13. Planets (made by Mars)
14. S(nicker)s
15. Celebrations
16. Twirl
17. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut?
18. Wispa
19. Picnic
20. Lion bar
21. Crunchie
22. Walnut Whip!
23. Bounty
24. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
25. Terry’s All Gold
26. Yorkie
27. Aero

Quiz 4 (Answers below)
1. Which sport would you see at Chepstow?
2. Which animals live in an earth or lair?
3. Along with white, what colours appear on the Italian flag?
4. In the novel what kind of animal is Tarka?
5. Which characters sang ‘The Bare Necessities’ inn “The Jungle Book”?
6. Who is Sooty and Sweep’s female friend?
7. Who was pop’s first Knight?
8. What was the nationality of Rimsky-Korsakov?
9. What is used by a builder to check that something is level?
10. What was the motto of the Three Musketeers?
11. Which Royal residence stands by the River Dee?
12. Which of the four Channel Islands is the smallest?
13. In which year was Everest conquered?
14. A loganberry is a cross between a raspberry and what?
15. Who wrote ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’?
16. In which county is Bodmin Moor?
17. Where in Britain are the Royal Botanical Gardens?
18. In which month is the Trooping of the Colour?
19. In legal terms what do the initials QC stand for?
20. Who was asked to ride ‘a bicycle made for two’ in the song?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Name the Actors link.

Answers to Quiz 4
1. Horse racing
2. Foxes
3. Red and Green
4. Otter
5. Baloo & Mowgli
6. Soo
7. Sir Cliff Richard
8. Russian
9. A spirit level
10. All for one and one for all
11. Balmoral
12. Sark
13. 1953
14. Blackberry
15. Victor Hugo
16. Cornwall
17. Kew
18. June
19. Queen’s Counsel
20. Daisy

Answers to Name the Actors and the shows/film/tv
1. David Tennant Richard II
2. Daniel Craig Judi Dench Skyfall
3. Pam Ferris Darling Buds of May
4. Alfie Boe Les Miserables
5. Patrick McNee The Avengers
6. Julie Walters Celia Imrie Acorn Antiques
7. Meryl Streep The Iron Lady
8. Orlando Bloom The Hobbit
9. Gone With the Wind Clark Gable Vivien Leigh
10. Helen Mirren Prime Suspect
11. Michael Ball Hairspray
12. Patrick Stewart Star Trek

Quiz 3 (Answers below)
1. In which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?
2. On which street is the Bank of England?
3. Which coin was first introduced in the UK in 1983?
4. Which phobia is the fear of open spaces?
5. Who was the God of War in Roman Mythology?
6. Which alcoholic drink contains juniper as a flavour?
7. Which country is famous for Moussaka?
8. What is the salary paid to a clergyman called?
9. What kind of drink is Amontillado?
10. How many tears are there in four and a half decades?
11. Where is Lord Nelson buried?
12. What are the two ingredients of marzipan?
13. Who was the more unpleasant Doctor Jekyll or Mr Hyde?
14. Which pink bird sleeps on one leg?
15. Which mountain overlooks Cape Town in South Africa?
16. Which colony ceased to be British in June, 1997?
17. Conference and Comice are types of which fruit?
18. What colour is angelica?
19. What is the wife of a Sultan called?
20. Which British Studios were famed for their horror movies in the 1950s,60s and 70s?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Guess the Artist link.

Answers to Quiz 3
1. November
2. Threadneedle Street
3. £1
4. Agoraphobia
5. Mars
6. Gin
7. Greece
8. Stipend
9. Sherry
10. 45 (it should have read ‘years’ not ‘tears’ ) Sorry!
11. St Paul’s Cathedral
12. Sugar and almonds
13. Mr Hyde
14. Flamingo
15. Table Mountain
16. Hong Kong
17. Pears
18. Green
19. Sultana
20. Hammer

Answers to ‘Guess The Artist’
1. Gainsborough
2. Rembrandt
3. Holbein
4. Turner
5. Vermeer
6. Constable
7. Stubbs
8. Van Gough
9. Degas
10. Canaletto
11. Lowry
12. Rodin
13. Picasso
14. Hockney
15. Leonardo da Vinci

Quiz 2 (Answers below)
1. Which Kirsty replaced Sue Lawley on ‘Desert Island Discs’?
2. The Abbey Theatre is in which Irish City?
3. Shrewsbury is the county town of which county?
4. Which animal was Androcles very friendly with?
5. How many notes are there in an octave?
6. What colour is magenta?
7. What do the initials plc stand for after a company name?
8. Where does a purser usually work?
9. What name is given to a young seal?
10. St Swithin’s Day is in which month?
11. Which day of the week is the Muslim Holy Day?
12. Which fruit is used to make kirsch?
13. Who was born John Eric Bartholomew?
14. Which country produces Gruyere cheese?
15. Francis Drake’s ship ‘Pelican’ was renamed what?
16. Who was the first cricketer to win TV’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?
17. Andrea Levy wrote the award-winning novel titled ‘Small’ what?
18. Which country was called Albion by Greeks and Romans?
19. In which country is the battle site of El Alamein?
20. Where do mosquitoes lay their eggs?

and again, if you still want more, click on this Flower Quiz link.

Answers to Quiz 2
1. Kirsty Young
2. Dublin
3. Shropshire
4. Lion
5. Eight
6. Purplish Red
7. Public Limited Company
8. On a ship
9. A pup
10. July
11. Friday
12. Cherry
13. Eric Morcambe
14. Switzerland
15. Golden Hind
16. Darren Gough
17. Island
18. England
19. Egypt
20. In water

Answers to Flower Quiz
1. Viola
2. Cowslip
3. Scarlet Pimpernel
4. Hollyhock
5. Iris
6. Cosmos
7. Broom
8. Red Hot Poker
9. Dock
10. Bells of Ireland
11. Primrose
12. Cyclamen
13. Fat Hen
14. French Marigold
15. Honesty
16. Livingstone Daisy
17. Morning glory
18. Catmint
19. Fever Few
20. Thyme
21. Marsh Mallow
22. Foxgloves
23. Hyacinth
24. London Pride
25. Busy Lizzie
26. Dandelion
27. Bluebell
28. Candytuft
29. Carnation
30. Cornflower
31. Crocus
32. Grape Hyacinth
33. Poppies
34. Lily of the Valley
35. Love in a Mist
36. Narcissus
37. Poor Man’s Orchid
38. Buttercup
39. Sweet William
40. Golden Rod
41. Sweet Pea
42. Honeysuckle
43. Four Leaf Clover
44. Harebell
45. Old Man’s Beard
46. Hemlock
47. Jacob’s Ladder
48. Creeping Jenny
49. Sea Holly
50. Love Lies Bleeding

Quiz 1 (Answers below)
1. What goes with Parsley & Sage in the Simon & Garfunkel song?
2. Which musical was made about Eva Peron?
3. What was the full name of the satirical TV programme abbreviated to TW3?
4. Mont Blanc stands in France and which other country?
5. What is the largest structure ever made by living creatures?
6. What is a Blenheim Orange?
7. What is the name of the cave found on the Scottish island of Staffa?
8. How long must a person be dead to qualify for a blue plaque?
9. What links Terry Wogan and the Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band?
10. Rupert Bear is linked with which newspaper?
11. What is measured by a pedometer?
12. How many decades are there in a millennium?
13. Which country was formerly ruled by President Tito?
14. What is another name for the linden tree?
15. Other than John Cleese’s character what was the other Basil in ‘Fawlty Towers’?
16. Which day’s child is ‘full of grace’ according to the traditional rhyme?
17. What colour is sable in heraldry?
18. What was Billie Jean King’s surname before she married?
19. According to the saying what is ‘nine points of the Law’?
20. What do the Americans call a dinner jacket?

and if this still leaves you wanting more, click on this What Dog link for the table-top round.

Answers for Quiz 1 and What Dog

Quiz 1 What Dog
1. Rosemary & Thyme 1. Dalmation
2. Evita 2. Bloodhound
3. That was the week that was 3. Pomeranian
4. Italy 4. Bulldog
5. The Great Barrier Reef 5. Whippet
6. An Apple 6. Lhasa Apso
7. Fingal’s Cave 7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
8. 20 years 8. Golden Retriever
9. The Floral Dance 9. Bassett Hound
10. Daily Express 10. Boxer
11. Walking distance 11. Bichon Frise
12. 100 12. Clumber Spaniel
13. Yugoslavia 13. Dandy Didmont
14. Lime 14. Saluki
15. A rat 15. Beddlington Terrier
16. Tuesday
17. Black
18. Moffitt
19. Possession
20. Tuxedo

The group continues to flourish and we now have 30 to 40 people coming to the quiz nights including several new members. We meet on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm every fortnight and although at times the questions can be challenging we really have a good laugh at our ignorance!!! Attendance is £1 for a short time to build up funds to ensure we are able to continue giving the outstanding prizes to our winning team (don’t get too excited, it’s only a small bottle of wine for each of the team members!)

Our Quiz nights at Anlaby Village Hall continue successfully. We have welcomed a few new members who have returned (always a good sign) and ample parking is available near to the Village Hall. Thanks to everybody who attends for helping us to swiftly set-up and clear-away.

The Quiz will take whatever format the quizmaster-for-the-night decides. Several people have already offered to lead a Quiz but any more offers are always welcome. To try to keep the event as social as possible (i.e. we will not be ‘Eggheads’!!!!!!!) teams will be arranged when people arrive each night so you will have the chance to get to know other people and not worry about coming on your own without a ‘pre-formed’ team. Remember you don’t have to come every time and you don’t need to be part of a team, these are organised on the night. It is amazing to realise that despite the number of quizzes we very seldom get any repeated questions. Our Christmas Quiz broke all records for attendance with 48 Quizzers plus the Quizmaster. We were fighting with the Christmas tree for space!

If you like Quizzes please come along anytime and join in. New members are always made to feel very welcome. We don’t take things too seriously and a fun night can be guaranteed.

For more information, please ring Chris Watson on 659773, or contact her by email by clicking on the 'Bird' on the top right corner of this page.

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