Room 101

This is the page where our members can vent their anger! Is there something that annoys you so much that you would like to see it consigned to Room 101? If so, write in and let us know. The more humorous your suggestions, the better - we don't want to be lectured to, but we want to be amused and entertained by your letters, so not too serious. Please send your contributions to our Newsletter Editor, heading your message 'Room 101'.

To get us started, here is a suggestion from one of our members called Steve:

Well here is my suggestion: get PETER LEVY in Room 101, lock the door and throw away the key. He drives me mad with his aggressive interview style, just takes the diametrically opposed view to the interviewee and constantly interrupts, that’s it! AND he can’t string a sentence together without a host of Eh’s between (or in the middle of) words, he’s got an autocue for Gods sake as Paul (Large forehead) Hudson keeps pointing out, and he is useless too. Can’t Keeley and Abbey just take it in turns? Well that’s it, really sorry if you love Look South.
Steve R

... and now, another contribution:

Telling me things I already know: Why oh why, when I watch the weather forecast is the first bit of it devoted to what has happened methodologically in the day I have just lived through. I ALREADY KNOW. I was there. Please just tell me what to expect in the future.
This brings me on to documentaries shown on commercial channels. Sitting down in front of the box I soak up the entertainment and education for the first 15 minutes, before muting the sound, when those irritating adverts come on. (What do those Meerkats advertise anyway?). Then it’s back on with the sound only to have to sit through a five minute reprise of the first part of the program. I ALREADY KNOW THAT! I’ve just watched it. I think it’s just a way for the T V company to make a half hour program last for an hour. By doing this they can annoy me with extra breaks (and extra Meerkats ) and even more five minute summaries of the earlier bits of the programme.
On the plus side, my bladder is not quite what it was in my younger days. So a few more breaks can be handy.
Steve C

... and another:

All drivers who when stopped at traffic lights, Railway crossings or the like, for any length of time, keep their foot on the brake pedal blinding me with their brake lights especially when dark. I feel like getting out of my car with a hammer and putting their lights out!
One spleen vented,
David B

Where are you hiding? All you grumpy old men and grumpy old women - we need more contributions for this page, to keep us all amused! So, find something to moan about and put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and let us hear about your choices for Room 101! If you feel that your views are too contentious, We can even publish your letter anonymously (as long as we know who sent it, and it does not breach our editorial standards!). So, please send your contributions to our Newsletter Editor, heading your message 'Room 101'.