Aston Clinton

Main meetings

Our main monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, commencing at 2.30p.m. Please remember to bring your Membership Card to the meeting as you will need to show it at the door.
Dates of all meetings are listed below.

We meet at the Anthony Hall, 33,London Road, Aston Clinton. HP22.5HG. After general announcements and group news, a tea/coffee break is followed by a talk from a guest speaker on a topic of general interest, with the meeting finishing by 4.30p.m.

Please note that, when attending monthly Main Meetings, your membership card MUST be presented at the door.

​Parking at the Anthony Hall can be a problem. If you can park in Aston Clinton Park car park and walk, or can cycle to the Hall, that would ease the parking problems in the Hall's car park.

If you are a FULL MEMBER, you are eligible participate in all Main Meetings, any Activity Group, and any Event/Trip.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are entitled to participate in all of the above, except attending Main Meetings (due to the capacity of the Anthony Hall).

Dates for your Diary
Tue Nov 19th A talk by Geoff Bowden on "'Reviewing the Situation' - Lionel Bart".
Tue Dec 17th A talk by Dennis Kelly on "The Dream Machine (Hollywood)".
Tue Jan 21st 2020 Talk by Graham Short on 'The World's Smallest Engravings'
Tue Mar 17th 2020 Talk by Michael Kerry-White on 'The Real Pirates of the Caribbean'
Tue Apr 21st 2020 Talk by Roger Askew on 'Music in London' (Purcell to The Proms)
Tue May 19th 2020 Talk by Vivian Schroder-Powell on 'The Great Exhibition' (1851)
Tue Jun 16th 2020 Talk by Ian Keable on 'The Link Between Art and Magic'
Tue Jul 21st 2020 Talk by Maurice Crew on 'Jazz'
Tue Aug 18th 2020 Talk by Andy Thomas on 'Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-ups'
Tue Sep 15th 2020 Talk by Colin Lomas on 'Hidden Meanings in Paintings' (Impressionists to the Pre-Raphaelites)
Tue Oct 20th 2020 Talk by Gwyn Williams on 'Flying Concorde'
Tue Nov 17th 2020 Talk by Barbara Askew on 'Victoria and Albert - Art and Love'
Tue Dec 15th 2020 Talk by Philip Caine on 'Barrow to Baghdad and Back Again'

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