Aston Clinton


Keeping in touch with members
The committee are concerned that some members are really missing out on social contact during this difficult time. If anyone would like to meet up with another member, but not sure how to make contact, please get in touch with Shirley who will try to help arrange something. Shirley can be contacted via the 'general enquiries' button on the contact page.


Some groups are now re-starting face-to-face activities whilst ensuring all current guidance and advice is followed. Group Leaders will be liaising with members regarding such activities. Please keep checking the group pages on this website for the latest information.

Update - 7th August 2020
Specific recent advice and guidance (7thAugust) has been provide by U3A HQ on re-starting interest groups as a ‘face to face’ activity. All relevant information has been passed to Group Leaders but there are some guidelines that all members need to be aware of before re-joining a Group to ensure they can do so safely. These include the following:

• Prior to participating in any interest group members must undertake their own personal assessment to enable them to decide and be confident that they should attend. A link to a Personal Assessment Checklist can be found on this page.

• Members must inform the Group Leader immediately should they contract COVID-19 or show any signs of the virus after participating in a group activity.

Zoom Update - 6th July 2020 - A new tutorial has been produced called 'Host a Meeting'. This will be of use to those using their own Zoom account to host a meeting for their Group as well as Group Leaders using the U3A Zoom account when they have 'Host' controls. The other tutorials currently available are 'Join a Meeting' and 'Schedule a Meeting'. The links to these can be found on the right-hand side of this page.