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The current pandemic brings us all different problems and challenges. It also brings us, sadly, unscrupulous people who will try anything to get their hands on other people's money. There are a number of scams we should all be aware of.
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Each month - just before our regular meeting - we produce a Newsletter for our members. This is designed to keep everyone up to date with events past, present and future.

On the right hand side of this page is a list of the most recent Newsletters. To comply with GDPR regulations Newsletters are redacted copies with personal details removed. This means that everyone can now read the latest from our U3A - and we hope you enjoy it.

Should you be asked to enter a password and you don't know it, or you've forgotten it, then send an email to Webmaster and the login details will be sent to you. It will help if you confirm your membership number when you send the email.

If you would like to include something in the next Newsletter, you can email Newsletter Editor - but please make sure it gets to her before the deadline.

Some of the older Newsletters have now been removed from the website.