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General Advice and Information for Group Leaders

Once the committee has approved the setting up of a group, you are fully protected by the liability insurance policy provided by the Third Age Trust.
During 2018 there were many changes to Data Protection Regulations and our U3A has no choice other than to comply. Otherwise we risk a fine. For more detailed guidance click on Members\' Data and Email.
These Regulations can be rather daunting & so, if you need help or guidance on this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact the Ashbourne U3A’s Groups’ Co-ordinator or the Secretary. We are here to help.
Delegate responsibilities among other members of your group when & where you can in order to spread the workload.
If you feel your group would benefit from having a particular item of equipment, consult your Groups’ Co-ordinator in the first instance. Funding may be available.
When you wish to relinquish leadership of a group, please inform the Group Co-ordinator who will guide you through the procedures agreed in committee. This will involve passing all records held by you to a successor or deleting them from your computer.

For advice for Group Leaders on
Resources & Publications to Assist, click on Resources
Your Group Members, click on Member status
Privacy of Members’ Data, click on Members\' Data
Email Communications, click on Email
Accommodation, click on Accommodation
Group Finances, click on Finances
Dealing with Problems, click on Problems
Disabled Members, click on Disabilities
Photographs, click on Photographs
Visitors & Member’s Guests, click on Visitors


The following persons were elected to the Executive Committee at the 2019 AGM:
Chairman: Sheila Allen
Vice-Chairman: Peter Worboys
Treasurer: Anthony Walden
Secretary: Sheila Crawley

Non-Officer Members:
Helen Bluff - Membership Secretary
Patti Green
Rhona Hunt
Peter Smith
Karen Tallant
Pauline Worboys


Mavis Lund is the Beacon Administrator


The Constitution

Click Constitution to see a copy of the Constitution.

Data Protection Regulation

Click on Privacy Policy for Ashbourne & District U3A’s Privacy Policy in compliance with Data Protection Regulation.