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Following our announcement at the May meeting that Riviera Travel is offering discounts for U3A members, we are now looking into this further. Riviera's website declares “We are delighted to announce that, as a member of U3A, you can earn 10% commission every time you book with Riviera." However, it continues "Every holiday can earn funds for your own club.” We are concerned to ascertain the precise significance of Riviera's statement. Riviera seem to operate an “Affinity Scheme” & they may require the discount should be passed to our U3A by way of a charitable donation, our U3A being in fact a charity.

We are therefore urgently seeking clarification from Riviera & our governing body, The Third Age Trust. We will publish the outcome on the Ashbourne U3A website as soon as possible.


Some members have expressed interest in a new group to play Boules. There is an outdoor rink at The Red Lion at Hognaston. The pub would welcome a group wishing to play there on any weekday. The pub suggested that it would be best during opening times which are noon until 2.30pm. They do not want to charge, but would hope the players would drop in at least for a drink. They did not seem averse to play starting before opening time with a view to finishing after they open. They have some equipment which could be made available, but obviously an arrangement would have to be made to access that equipment if the group wishes to commence before the pub opens. Rules of play can be found on the internet, but some members seem to know how to play (at least basically). Members could also watch the pub team which plays on Sunday afternoons in local leagues.

No doubt the biggest problem will be fixing a time & date for those interested to get together to discuss the way forward, & then to settle on a time & day & frequency for a group to play. Would members who are interested in trying to establish a group email & confirm their agreement for the disclosure of contact details to each other so that an initial meeting can be arranged.

The Writing Group has a newly published author - congratulations Liz Dyer (see photo)

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