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Two new groups are in the process of getting underway: BOWLS and BADMINTON

In order to assess the support for these groups - before identifying suitable venues, costings, dates and times for playing - please would members who are interested contact Peter Worboys via the blue envelope on the Bowls or Badminton Group pages.

Following our announcement at the May meeting that Riviera Travel was offering discounts for U3A members, we have now enquired into this further. Riviera's website declared “We are delighted to announce that, as a member of U3A, you can earn 10% commission for your own club every time you book with Riviera."
Riviera have confirmed that they have operated an “Affinity Partnership Scheme” since 2012 and that many charities and organisations benefit when their own supporters and members travel with them. Riviera opened up their Scheme to U3A members in 2014. However, it appears that earlier this year Riviera became aware that some U3A’s allowed their members to take the commission. Riviera then decided that they would only pay the commission into a U3A account, declaring that “it is up to that U3A and their members what they choose to then do with the payment”.
We have therefore been in contact with Sam Mauger, Chief Executive of Third Age Trust, to seek guidance. She had clearly become concerned & had recently been in contact with Riviera. Each U3A is a charity & can clearly accept what is a charitable donation from Riviera. However, a charity can only use funds received for the charitable purposes expressed in its constitution. Our constitution can be seen on our website & follows the model form laid down by TAT. It declares our purpose is “the advancement of education of older people and those who are retired from full time work including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.”
Sam Mauger is therefore currently seeking advice from a lawyer expert in charity law, & has informed us that TAT will issue further guidance to U3A clubs as soon as possible about how donations received from Riviera may be used.
Until then, members should not assume that they will personally receive the money offered by Riviera. If agreeable to the money being received by Ashbourne U3A for use in accordance with the guidance when it is eventually issued by TAT, members must remember to nominate Ashbourne U3A at the time of making the booking.

The Writing Group has a newly published author - congratulations Liz Dyer (see photo)

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