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Cancellation of Trip Bookings by Members
If a U3A member has to cancel a booking for an outing, trip or holiday then a full refund of the price will only be provided if the booking can be taken over by another member. If this is not possible then a partial refund may be possible if we can retrieve costs such as entry fees. For holidays, members are strongly advised to taken out travel insurance, either personal or that which may be offered at the time of booking.


Message from your new Chairman
I became Chairman of Arun East U3A on July 1st. As you can imagine taking over from David Silver will not be an easy task. With amazing energy and tact David steered Arun East U3A through a time of much change and expansion to develop Arun East into the successful organisation we have today. Luckily Arun East has an energetic and efficient committee with both longstanding and new members who will be helping me with some of the multitude of tasks that David carried out so quietly and efficiently. In addition to my role as chairman, it is my intention to continue with developing new groups and events. I look forward to meeting both new and existing members and I welcome any suggestions you may have.
Pam Davidoff


Annual General Meeting 2017
To see the (unapproved) minutes of Arun East U3A AGM 2017, please click "2017 AGM minutes".


Group Membership

As from 1st March 2018 ALL those attending Arun East U3A groups will be required to be Arun East U3A members and be in receipt of an Arun East U3A membership card. All Arun East Group leaders have been advised and will be liaising with their non Arun East U3A attendees regarding the new arrangements. This will, likewise, apply to Arun East members attending Littlehampton and/or Arun West U3A groups.
Note this applies to groups that have a membership list and meet regularly. Other ad-hoc groups, such as outings and holidays may continue to invite members from other U3As to participate, providing they are advertised to Arun East members first.

Arun East U3A policy is that when an Arun East group has a waiting list, if a group member is absent (other than medical or similar situations) for 6 consecutive meetings (4 for groups that meet fortnightly and 3 for groups that meet monthly) the individual will be informed that he/she is required to join the waiting list and their place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list.

Pam Davidoff


Accessibility for disabled members

We have a new policy covering the issue of accessibility to our groups and events for people with any sort of disability who may otherwise have felt excluded from some of them. Please click on
Disabled Members Policy to view the policy.


To see the current list of Arun East U3A Monthly Meetings,
please click "Events". All meetings start at 2pm.


Make a difference. Could you leave a legacy to Arun East U3A?
Please click on 'Legacy Leaflet' for more information.



Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group into the future structure of the Third Age Trust
This document can be viewed by clicking on the following link Future of the Third Age Trust.

Telephone Fraud
To see the leaflet about telephone fraud, please click "Telephone Fraud".


Legal Helpline
All U3A members can access the 24 hour legal helpline as a membership benefit. The details are:

Arc Legal Assistance in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.
Telephone number 0344 770 1040. Quote: U3A Legal Helpline.


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