Arun East

Outings and Trips

Outings and trips are now organised by the Outings and Trips sub committee who are planning a wide range of theatre trips, visits to National Trust and similar properties and a variety of short and longer trips to places of interest.
All events will be advertised on the EVENTS page of our website, at monthly meetings and coffee mornings. Bookings are made through Chris Shaw and the trips led by people with a specific interest in the event.

There is also a separate OUT AND ABOUT Group organised by David Silver. These are also advertised on the EVENTS page, and on their Group page, but not on this page.
They consist of self-drive visits to places of interest. Car share available.

The team continues with car-share and public transport outings in the south-east within
a maximum thirty-mile radius. Outings will be advertised in the Newsletter, on the Website
and at Monthly Meetings and plans include the reinstatement of all postponed events plus new ones.