Ambleside & District

Members with a disability

As we get older we all find that we become slower, see and hear less well, and develop various illnesses and disabilities. It is well-established that keeping body and mind active and enhancing our social life can help put off some of these problems and being a member of the U3A helps provide opportunities and an incentive to do these things. However many of us often reach the point at which we regard ourselves as disabled; the U3A aims to recognise the impact of disability and enable us to continue to engage.

Our approach to support for members with a disability is guided by the Third Age Trust document Accessibility for disabled members, which we encourage you to read, and we aim to follow this advice as far as is reasonably practical.

Some of our interest groups (Family History, Photography and Science) normally meet in the upstairs room of Ambleside Library, which now has a lift.

Some of our interests groups meet in members' houses, some of which may involve steps to enter. Such groups are clearly marked on their web pages. If you wish to join such a group contact the coordinator to discuss any difficulties and possible solutions.

More generally, if any member has a disability issue that is preventing them from taking part in a specific activity they are encouraged to talk to the coordinator for that group. If this does not resolve the problem you can speak to the committee Welfare Officer or the Chairperson.

Updated September 2018