Ambleside & District

Information for coordinators

This page contains information that could be helpful to coordinators, including support available, advice on starting and running a group, etc. This includes our Guide for Coordinators that you need to be familiar with and the useful TAT advice document on interest groups. You can download a table of rooms available for hire in the area, including sizes and facilities, at the link.

Details of public liability for U3A activities can be found on a link from the Committee page. This cover indemnifies all U3A members against all sums you could become legally liable to pay as a result of accidental injury to or death of any person and accidental loss or damage to material property not belonging to you, which arises or is caused in connection with the ‘business’ of U3As. The cover is extensive and includes visitors, for example speakers and non-members if they are wanting to have a taste of our activities. However they cannot attend regularly as non-members and have insurance cover. This insurance is not medical cover, holiday insurance or insurance if you lose or damage your own property while on U3A activities.

Coordinators who are involved in arranging group transport e.g. by coach are asked to ensure that there are adequate pick-up points to serve members throughout our catchment. If this proves difficult, or uneconomic, then the use of car share or taxis should be considered. How this is best done, is left to the individual Coordinator but, if advice or suggestions are required, the Coordinator should not hesitate to contact the Treasurer or Chair.