Ambleside & District


Newsletters are produced quarterly with February, May, August and November cover dates. Copy date is normally in the third week of the previous month, e.g. for the May issue it is the third week in March.

Newsletters are available for members to collect at the General Meetings in January, April and October. All those not collected are sorted into geographical groups for delivery by our volunteer “posties”, who collect a set of envelopes close to their own home and undertake to deliver them in the following days. Any not collected at the end of the meeting are stamped and put into the Royal Mail. By using posties we save about £200 on postage every year.

To read or print a newsletter click on the relevant link on the right. Because newsletters contain personal information they are password protected and only available to members. If you have have not been told or have forgotten the password contact the web administrator via the Contact page. Then, when the password protection box pops up, type AandDU3A as Username and the password you have been given in the Password box. They are both case sensitive.

If errors are found in the printed copy they are sometimes corrected in the version found here so you could find that it is not identical to the printed version.

If any non-member would like a copy of the latest newsletter prior to joining us contact the Membership Secretary via the Contact page.

Newsletters from No. 63 May 2011 to No. 93 November 2018 have been removed from the list, but are still available to view on the cloud. If you wish to view one, please contact Chris Traynier or John Atkinson for the link.