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The Bryce Street Strummers Entertain.

The Bryce Street Strummers Entertain. General Meeting 9th December.

They certainly did. They brought with them bundles of instruments of different sizes and colour and a varied programme of cosily familiar numbers. The audience responded warmly. Toes were tapped and lips formed the words. We heard a little of the ukelele’s history and the band’s, and of some of the techniques employed. Above all it was evident that the ukelele is a happy instrument and relatively easy to learn. One can progress chord by faltering chord using a manual and a bit of outside encouragement. This can be had each Monday night at the Bryce Institute, Burneside where the Strummers meet. Newcomers and beginners are welcomed.
At half time, with tea and mince pies, more intrepid members were able to pick up instruments and twang a bit. Some of them played a chord or two in the next number. Bless them.
Thanks to Michelle Rudd for her help and suggestions in programming the afternoon.
Does anyone fancy joining or starting a Uke Grupe?

Photos Elizabeth Moreton.