Welcome to the ALTON U3A


QUESTION - What is the Alton U3A?

Alton U3A provides leisure and recreational activities for people who are retired or semi-retired.

We currently have 580 members and welcome New Members joining at any time of the year. Offering a programme of 40+ different activities where members can learn together, not for qualifications but for the joy of discovery; in addition, we run talks, excursions, theatre and concert trips and holidays.

Activities are run for members by members (so everyone has an opportunity to share their skills and experience). If you can’t find an activity that matches your interest you can talk to us about starting a new one!

All you need to join are: Enthusiasm and a willingness to join others who share your interests - Being open to meeting new people.

To find out more:

Visit our website at or our Membership Secretary - Philip Threadgill on 01420 541695 or

Our ‘year’ commences in September but you can become a member at any time by collecting a copy of our Blue Book from the Community Centre or the Library.



The U3A and the ALTON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (ACA) work closely together and your membership of the ACA would be greatly appreciated to help support this vital organisation by participating in their range of educational activities.
In these days of indecision (and we don’t mention the ‘B’ word) why not make a fantastic decision yourself and become a member of the Alton Community Association. You can help us more than you can know.

We are a Charity and appreciate all our members because they make a huge difference, and of course the more the merrier!
It’s not all one-sided – you get all sorts of benefits too, such as:

50% off all photocopying in the Centre
PLUS 10% off all of these:-

Leisure Learning – no limit
Room Hire for one-off functions
Minibus Hire from Alton Community Centre

Junior members get £1.50 off entrance to Lounge bar gigs
A chance to have your say and vote at the AGM

All this for less than £16.50 (the price of 6 cups of coffee in Costas) PER YEAR

So join today, don’t just think about it - do it!!!

Thank you ~ ACA Trustees


Alton is very unlikely to benefit from having a New Community Centre for many years, so your fairly modest financial support from joining the ACA would help to maintain the fabric of the present building.

Without our current premises there is no other suitable building for miles in which the 500 plus U3A members can continue to enjoy the multitude of activities currently available to them!

Please give this appeal your consideration and support.