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Ken Matthews Retires as Keep Fit Group Leader

A member reports: We held an extremely successful lunch on 1st May to say thank you to Ken Matthews for all is hard work in trying to keep us fit over the last 14 years. A very tasty meal was provided by Peter O'Connor in the Community Centre and his trademark 50s rock and roll was played by Ken throughout the meal. Ken's keep fit sessions will be missed by all.



Following the second extremely successful 1st Aid Training session given by a trainer from MEON VALLEY Heart Start on February 26th, over two thirds of our U3A Group leaders have now been trained in the basic procedures to put into practice should one of their Group collapse during a session.
This valuable training does not of course stop there as they would also now feel able to offer assistance in their everyday lives.

Rather a shame that for one or more reasons the remainder of our Group leaders were unable to take part in these valuable sessions but it is hoped that should further sessions become available, they may be able to make use of them. It is also hoped that Refresher training can be arranged next year.


Alton U3A Social Cycling Group.

Report on the March 6th Cycle Ride

There was a palpable sense of disappointment as the Social Cyclists met at 10am on Tuesday 6 March. We had all scoured the local weather forecasts but there was no mention anywhere of Tempest, Typhoon, Tornado or Torrents. In place of the extreme elements experienced on our January and February rides we had to make do with a puny "12% chance of precipitation", hardly a worthy test of our skills of endurance.

Nine of us set off, led by Blessed Brian GOOD with Richard the Great CARE picking up stragglers at the rear. We streaked through Holybourne and up the hill to Binsted. We noticed the difference since we made the same climb in July of last year. On that occasion we puffed and wheezed our way to the top, but now our well tuned bodies made light of the incline, and if it hadn't been for the compulsory synchronised nose blowing stop at the summit we would have made it to Blacknest Golf Club in one go.

Sadly the recent bad weather had played havoc with the cake supplies, so we had to choose either a bacon roll or a chocolate brownie to go with our coffee, but that didn't interfere with our animated chatting. Our stop coincided with the 12% shower of rain (Brian times these things to perfection) so we stayed dry. Then, energised by our calorie top up we started our second leg which took us through Bentley and Froyle (where, felicitously, we found Felicity), followed by a further climb to the top of Old Odiham Road, and back down to the Community Centre.

A good, solid 17.68 miles in grand company. Contributed by Rob Smith ( our intrepid Chairman!)


The rides are open to all Alton U3A members but if you intend to join us we will need to know in advance, with an appropriate e-mail contact address, so that notifications can be sent out if the weather, or other circumstances lead to last-minute changes.
Please send your e-mails to

We will simply need:
• Your name
• Your e-mail address
• Name and contact number of a relative or other in case of an emergency
• Details of any medical conditions or medication which might be relevant to this activity

We look forward to hearing from you.