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This is an additional feature whereby Group Leaders can notify members of their Group of any changes taking place and anything else you feel that other members should know.

You may wish to advertise forthcoming events related to your Group or mention a significant Birthday or Anniversary (with the permission of that person of course!)

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Welcome to the Alton U3A Poetry Appreciation website information.

At our May meeting, May 11th 2018 at 2.00 at the Community Centre, we will be reading and discussing some of our favourite poems.

Please bring along an A4 or A5 page with a couple of poems if you wish; we will try to fit them all in.

If you have any ideas about how our group can develop in the next U3A year, please let Rob or me know.

See you on May 11th.




Our last Art Appreciation session for this academic year is on Thursday 3rd May in the Garden room starting at 10am with the doors open from 9.45. There will be presentations by Michael on Picasso and Rob on Mark Rothko.

If you have member friends who may not see this message and who wish to come please advise them accordingly.

We are starting to consider our programme for 2018/19 and if anyone has any ideas and wishes to contribute, please speak to me on Thursday as we still have some spaces to fill. Presentations can be a minimum of 15 minutes

Looking forward to the Day
Kindest Regards
Colin Britchford



There have been a number of requests for the formation of a new Group to possibly be called FRENCH FOR HOLIDAYS!

Would anyone be prepared to head up something like the Still trying to speak French group which was run by Paul Buck quite successfully for several seasons?

If you feel you could do this, could you please contact John Dickinson on 01420 86707 to discuss.


EXPLORING THE PIANO Godfrey Bruce-Radcliffe - Group Leader

Following Ann Alderman’s move from Alton to Dorset, piano group meetings are now held in my house at 21 Anstey Lane.

Our monthly meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month from 2.00pm. Membership has recently increased with one or two new faces and others who now have the time to rejoin, so we can currently expect up to a dozen people. Skills range from beginners to advanced. Performance is of course not compulsory, but people are encouraged to participate and share their interest in the piano. On my own admission my grand piano is fairly decent kit too.
It’s a good way to spend an afternoon, and U3A members who have an interest in the piano, but who may have wondered if joining the group might not be for them, are most welcome to come along and try it out. Give me a call on 83343.