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NEW PUBLICATION from the Alton U3A Local History Projects Group

The U3A Local History Projects Group has published ALTON from 1914 to 1920 in time for the commemoration of the amnesty at the end of W.W.I. The original article was written by Miss Letitia Evelyn May and appeared in Moody's Alton Almanack of 1921 and members of the Group have added footnotes to identify people and places mentioned in the text.

The story starts in 1914 with Alton becoming a centre for the training of troops, a home for Belgian refugees, a hospital for Belgian and British soldiers. Miss May then followed events in Alton and the surrounding area. Some stories, such as the Hogmanay of 1914/15 and the German sailors at the Abbey, are well known but not the tales of Shalden schoolchildren raising about £1000, ladies making paper mache baths and an Alton Motor Syndicate. Towards the end of the period service men were welcomed back, war memorials erected and life gradually returned to normal with high class Chamber Concerts, dances in the Foresters Hall and the Picture Palace open daily.

Priced at £3.00, Alton from 1914 to 1920 is available from the Curtis Museum in Alton or from Also at the Museum, copies of the two books about the men listed in the local village war memorials (The Remembered Ones of the Great War) are available for £1.00 each and items relating to W.W.I will be on display.



The Art Appreciation group meets next Thursday 3rd October at 10am in the Garden Room?

The subjects are Controversial Art of the 1950’s and the Bloomsbury Group. The room will be available from 9.45 for a hopefully prompt start at 10am.

See You there, Colin


Welcome to the Alton U3A Poetry Appreciation website information.

The October meeting will be in the Members' Room (but do double-check the noticeboard) at 2.00 at the Community Centre on Friday the 12th.

We will be looking at the poetry of Samuel Johnson (continuing from last time) and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Please feel free to bring along an A5 page with relevant work by either of these poets; we will try to fit them all in.

The November Meeting will be at the Community Centre on Friday the 9th. We will be looking at poems about Peace (in the sense of war and peace).




There have been a number of requests for the formation of a new Group to possibly be called FRENCH FOR HOLIDAYS!

Would anyone be prepared to head up something like the Still trying to speak French# group which was run by Paul Buck quite successfully for several seasons?

If you feel you could do this, could you please contact John Dickinson on 01420 86707 to discuss.