Monthly Meetings

MONTHLY MEETINGS are held on Friday afternoons in the Main Hall at the Alton Community Centre commencing at 2pm.

The Meetings are open to all with a small admission charge of £1 which includes a cup of tea .

Sept 21st - Reflections of the Falklands, by Peter Dennison.,
Peter was Company Commander of the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. Today he tells of his first hand experiences during his time on the Falklands in 1982 Oct 19th - Benjamin Jesty , the First Vaccinator, by Patrick Pead . This is a journey through the eighteenth century and beyond where we meet a Dorset farmer called Benjamin Jesty who brought a new idea to the fight against smallpox.

Nov 16th - Hampshire through 10 objects, by Tony Cross. The County of Hampshire has a long and distinguished history. This talk aims to describe a number of important episodes through carefully selected items that have historic importance.

Dec 14th - Christmas Event Details will be published later in the year.

Jan 18th 2019 - Knowing Two British Eccentrics, by Susan Howe . In her extraordinary life Susan has developed an abiding passion for History and has a phenomenal memory for quirky and unusual facts.. Who will be the two British Eccentrics she has chosen to talk about today?

Feb 15th - Donald Campbell : Across the Lake, by Phil Holt. Loved by Britain during the 1950’s and 60’s. Phil will today explain just what made Donald Campbell the legend he became on both land and water.

Mar 15th - ”How awesome is this..! Winchester Cathedral by Bill Weeks. Bill was a Winchester Tower Tour Guide and for the past 7 years has been a Cathedral Tour Guide. He passionately relates vast amounts of details in his own uniquely entertaining manner. Sit back to be enthralled!

April 12th - A View from the Wings, by Brian Freeland The stage manager’s view from the prompt corner is very different from that from your comfortable seat in the Stalls or Circle. Reality theatre, no retakes and as reviews say “slightly saucy”.

May 17th - I was Hijacked in a Plane in Karachi, by John Hussey
John relates his experiences when as a 52 years old executive of the oil company BP, his Pan Am ‘747 was hijacked in 1986 just after boarding his homeward flight from Karachi.