A little questionnaire for you!

QUESTION ONE: Do you listen to Classic FM?
If your answer to this first question is YES, that’s a good start.

QUESTION TWO: Have you ever been to a ‘live’ classical concert?

If your answer to the second question is NO, consider that the music you hear on your radio is only as good in quality as the equipment you are using will reproduce.

To fully appreciate the music you really owe it to yourself to go to a REAL, LIVE ORCHESTRAL CONCERT.

My U3A Concert group attend a few Classical Concerts at the Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke over the year. Did you know that The Anvil is recognised as having some of the best acoustics to be found in a concert hall anywhere in the country and yet is only a dozen miles from Alton. No lengthy expensive train rides to London needed!

Why don’t YOU consider coming with our Concert Group to a Classical concert? We travel by coach (so NO night-time driving required), from the Alton Library, direct to the Anvil. At the end of the evening your coach will be waiting to take you in comfort back to Alton.

A word of warning! These concerts can become EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE and you may wonder why you hadn’t been before.

For details of our future visits please look on our U3A Website - or the posters as they appear on our Noticeboard in the Community Centre.

I will happily attempt to answer your questions if you care to phone me, Steve Barnes on 01420 89116.


The U3A National Office has relocated.
The new address is:

The Third Age Trust
52 Lant Street
London SE1 1RB
Telephone number is unchanged: 020 8466 6139


Alton U3A - Protocol for new courses.

The lifeblood of our U3A is the variety of courses we run. We are keen to expand the range we offer so we thought it would be helpful to let everyone know how they can go about setting up a new group

If you have an idea for a new course or activity then contact the Studies Co-ordinator with the following information:

1. The nature of the course or activity and the proposed title.
2. Who the group leader or co-ordinator would be.
3. How many people would be needed to make it viable and the maximum number that could be accommodated in the group (if that is a relevant factor).
4. Where you would meet eg Community Centre, members’ homes, local pub or café, etc.
5. Proposed time of the activity eg morning, afternoon, evening and the proposed frequency of meetings.

Once a proposal has been received it will be considered by the committee. Assuming it gets the go-ahead in principle the Studies Co-ordinator will arrange for the course details to be circulated to our existing membership, and for details to be put on the notice board and on the website in order to encourage members to join.

If you are thinking of starting a new group it is well worthwhile checking the national U3A website ( You need to log in to the members’ section and look under Subject Advice. This provides practical advice for those wanting to start a new group.

Updated March 2017