DATE 2020
21st January: 1 of 2 Member Presentations: 1. ‘The Archaeology of the Nuraghic Civilisation in Sardinia’ (George E.)
21st January: 2 of 2 Member Presentations: 2. ‘Gold Mines of the Roman Empire with particular reference to one of the largest in Northern Spain’ (John G.)
18th February: Member Presentation: 'The Castle at Guédelon, near Auxerre, France. The castle being built from scratch using 14th Century building methods and tools.’ (Carol B)
17th March: CANCELLED. Member Presentation: ‘The Silk Road’ (Pat A.)
21st April: CANCELLED. Field Trip – details to be announced.


27th May: at 4pm Tester meeting and short presentation - CANCELLED as John G hosting broke wrist. Group members advised of other online viewings that they may wish to look at in the interim.
16th June: at 4pm Zoom Meeting A BRIEF HISTORY OF DOGGER BANK AND DOGGERLAND, A Cradle of European Civilisation? A Cradle of Expanding Technologies. (Presentation by John GZOOM
21st July: at 3pm 3pm NOT 4pm – Zoom Meeting ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN ORKNEY (Presentation by Peter Carter) ZOOM
15th September: at 4pm Zoom Meeting NORWEGIAN STAVE CHURCHES – medieval, wooden, Christian church buildings constructed of posts and lintels. Once common in northern Europe most of the 30 odd churches remaining are in Norway. Aspects will include how archaeology has provided information on their construction and development over the centuries and how they can best be preserved. (Presentation by Carol Burnett)ZOOM
20th October: at 4pm Zoom Meeting THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF SHETLAND (Presentation by Maureen Sayers). ZOOM
17th November: at 4pm Zoom Meeting BUTRINT - a UNESCO World Heritage Centre was an ancient Greek and later Roman city and bishopric in Epirus. It is situated in southern Albania close to the border with Greece. (Presentation by Jane Glass). ZOOM
15th December: at 4pm XMAS QUIZ VIA ZOOM. (Presentation John G with the help of members). Link: XMAS QUIZ 2020 - with the answersZOOM
15th January: Talk by Jessica Turner, Northumberland Coast AONB Archaeologist, topic to be confirmed, 2 pm, venue to be confirmed
19th February: ‘A lost Lindisfarne Estate in mid Northumberland’. Talk by Colm O'Brien, joint director of the Bernician Studies Group (Richard H to host speaker prior to talk)
19th March: ‘Finds from Druridge Bay’. Talk by Group members Barbara McCabe and Davina Thompson
16th April: 'Archaeology around Alnwick’ field trip' including Abberwick lost village, led by Richard H
21st May: Field trip (by coach/minibus) to Housesteads and Hadrian's Wall. Trip to include an experienced tour guide. John G to lead.
18th June: Visit by train or bus to ‘Roman and Medieval Newcastle, with a special visit to the Hancock Museum’. Richard H to lead.
July/August NO MEETINGS, but possible volunteer opportunities?
17th September: Field trip to Bamburgh, including St Aidan's Church, led by Jessica Turner or Graeme Young
15th October: Field Trip to the Maelmin Heritage Trail & Flodden Field. – The Heritage Trail is located just off the A697, south of Milfield, Wooler. Up to 45mins by car from Alnwick. Please self-arrange car sharing where practical. Meet at the Trail carpark at 10:30am (Post Code NE71 6HR). The carpark is immediately adjacent to the Trail. After visiting the Trail a short break is planned for a snack/early lunch at the nearby Café Maelim. Following this a group will go on to visit the Flodden Field site, in the same locality and only about 10-15 minutes drive away. John G to lead.
19th November: Meeting to review the year......and proposals for February and March 2020 meetings including the possibility of member presentations. (John G. Presentation)
December: NO MEETING
16 January: "Our Mesolithic Ancestors " talk by Richard H, 2pm, St Michael's Church Hall
20 February: Talk on Ancient Plants by Carol Burnett, 2pm, St Michael's Church Hall
20 March: "Roman Frontiers 2" talk by Richard H, 2pm St Michael's Church Hall
17 April: Field trip to Elsdon and Bremenium, 10am-3pm
15 May: Field trip to Druridge Bay, 10am-3pm
19 June: A tour of Holy Island archaeological sites by Jessica Turner, 11am-4pm (tbc)
July-August: No meetings, but volunteering opportunities
18 September: Field trip/tour of excavations at the Heugh, Holy Island, led by Dig Ventures, 11am-3pm (tbc; depending on tides)
16 October: Field trip to Tosson Tower and Hillfort, plus neighbouring prehistoric sites (10 am-3 pm)
20 November: Talk by Graeme Young of the Bamburgh Research Project on excavations at Bowl Hole Early Medieval site (donations needed for speaker's expenses), 2 pm St Michael's Church Hall, Alnwick
18 December: NO MEETING
19 September: Afternoon field trip to Cocklawburn, with Lindisfarne Peregrini (to include minor conservation work), led by R Higginbottom and Peregrini staff member.
17 October: "Introduction to Roman Frontiers" (talk by R Higginbottom), St Michael's Church Hall, 2pm
21 November: DVD film "Walking with Cavemen", St Michael's Church Hall, 2pm hosted by R Higginbottom
December: NO MEETING