Groups / Grwpiau

To regularly attend our Interest Groups, you will need to be a current member of Aberystwyth U3A.

Members are sent our newsletter, which lists all these interest groups' contacts, and meeting details.

(A small additional charge may apply to some groups for materials or facilities.)

If you would like to suggest a theme for a special interest group, please let us know...

The following suggestions have been received: Chess, Bridge, learning ancient Greek or Latin, (at school level), a book group (possibly concentrating on Welsh literature), Celtic Studies, Creative Writing, History, Italian, Mandolin, Table Tennis, Using a Computer, Play Reading, and Board & Card Games; but we need to know whether there are enough people interested in a subject to form a group. If you'd think you'd be interested, please click new group interest and leave a message...

We have the following Groups at present (subject to interest). Click on the name of the activity to find out more details:

Group List
Art Appreciation
 NEW - Gwerthfawrogi Celf
 NEW - Gwerthfawrogi CelfClassics
Cribbage and other card games
 CribejGerman Conversation
 Sgyrsio Almaeneg
 Sgyrsio Almaeneg
 AthroniaethPoetry Appreciation I
 Gwerthfawrogi Barddoniaeth
 Gwerthfawrogi Barddoniaeth
Recorder Group

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