Enjoying Music 2010-2011

Read about the beginning of the course where the aims were defined.

SESSION 2010-11 The course started in February 2010

February 2011
Introduction. The aim of this course is to enjoy listening to a wide variety of types of music. We shall look at music in its historic context and focus on the influences that music has on other music. There will be an attempt to learn a little music theory along the way. We listened to over 30 short clips in our romp through music.

March 2011
The eras of Western Music: Early music, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern. The term ‘Classical Music’ comes under the microscope.

April 2011
‘Big and Little Music’ Moving from the Baroque into the Classical era. We considered some of the factors which make music sound as it does eg rhythm, notes, instrument and volume.

May 2011
National Music with a focus on music during the Romantic era identifiable by its nationality. Folk music has been a strong influence but has in turn also been influenced by such music during the Romantic era.

June 2011
A piece of 20th Century music:-Carmina burana