Enjoying Music 2012-2013

Enjoying Music-The history of the group's meetings

Here you can look at what the group has studied previously.

SESSION 2012-2013

The group entered its second full session in September 2012. We started in with a Beethoven evening where we looked at revolutionary traits in the composer's life and music.

October 2012 meeting was a new venture for the group as we were invited to the home of a special tutor for the evening where we enjoyed learning about Schubert piano sonatas. It proved to be a great success.

November 2012 we watched a DVD of Beethoven's Fidelio.

January 2013 lived up to the theme we had chosen which was 'Cold'. We listened to contributions from members covering a wide variety of types of music including some beautiful and topical lesser known Burns songs.

February 2013 meeting was a talk and some live saxophone playing by a visitor to our group.

March 2013 was a Schubert chamber music evening. We heard the Piano Quintet and the String Quintet

April 2013 we enjoyed some traditional Scottish fiddle music played by one of our members who selected CDs and also played for us.

May 2013 we commemorated the centenary of the birth of Benjamin Britten by listening to his War Requiem-a very moving evening. We had some images also of Coventry cathedral who re-opening after its rebuilding, phoenix-like, from the ashes of its war destruction the Requiem was written to celebrate.

The last evening of the session was on Tuesday 18 June. Participants brought contributions of music-either FUN OR FUNNY. It was an enjoyable time.