Past Committee Meetings

Aberdeen U3A committee meeting, held via Zoom on 22 June 2020

1. Welcome and apologies
The chairman welcomed members to the meeting. There were no apologies.

2. Minute of previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 30 March were agreed and will be signed at the next face to face meeting of the committee.

3. Matters arising (and not otherwise on the agenda)
There were no matters arising.

4. Chairman's Report
The chairman, secretary and treasurer had held a catch-up meeting earlier in the month and a note of their discussions was circulated to all committee members. It being almost three months since the last committee meeting, several matters which now required attention – the AGM, the summer newsletter, and the renewal of memberships – the aim being to try to keep to as normal a timetable as possible.

5. Secretary's Report/Correspondence
Third Age Trust had sent various e-mails: announcing the launch of three new online forums; postponing the U3A Day to 3 June 2021; sending pandemic updates, including their latest advice on holding AGMs; and formal notification of and preliminary papers for Trust's AGM, to be held virtually on 29 September.

The U3A in Scotland sent an email postponing the 2020 summer school to August 2021.

OSCR had sent guidance for charities on Covid-19, and a subsequent request to complete a survey on the pandemic's effect on our organisation.

There had been two enquiries via the website.

The chairman had replied to a survey from the Third Age Trust about the effect of the lockdown on our activities, and the secretary had completed the OSCR survey.

The draft annual report and accounts for the year to 31 March 2020 had been circulated. These were approved and will be part of the papers uploaded to the website for our AGM. As it had become clear that holding a normal AGM would probably still not be feasible in September, the committee agreed to prepare to hold a virtual AGM on 3 September, and to use e-mail, post and Zoom as follows:

1. The call for nominations will be sent out by e-mail and post on 10 July, with a closing date of 31 July. As getting nomination papers personally signed is currently difficult, it was agreed that the nominee should submit the nomination paper to the secretary, giving the names of their proposer and seconder, and the secretary will then contact them for confirmation.
2. The formal AGM calling notice will be sent out, again by e-mail and post, by 6 August, and members will be asked to submit any questions 13 August.
3. A second e-mail will be sent out on 20 August listing the matters on which members would normally vote at an AGM and including any questions asked and the answers. Members should reply to the e-mail by 1 September [subsequently amended to 31 August].

6. Treasurer’s Report and Membership
The treasurer had circulated a list of payments made since the the last meeting, together with a note giving a breakdown of the annual accounts, showing the amounts received and expended under the heading of groups, monthly meetings and membership.

The annual accounts had been examined and the signed-off accounts circulated to the committee. As usual, a voucher was given to the examiner.

As the treasurer had incurred some expenses over the past few months, including the voucher for the examiner, the committee agreed that she could pay herself for her expenses by means of BACS.

Membership renewal forms should be sent out as normal in August along with summer newsletter. As it had previously been agreed to roll over group fees, the only payment due by members is the standard £10 membership fee, so it was agreed to allow payment by online banking if preferred.
The committee agreed that to make no door charge for the first three monthly meetings after normal activity resumes, and members will also be reminded that in order to participate in interest groups, they must be a member of Aberdeen U3A.

7. Social Calendar and Events
If, by the date of the next committee meeting, it is still unlikely that monthly meetings can take place, the speakers booked for September and October will be notified.

8. Groups Report
Group leaders had been contacted to establish which groups were still active. The response was very encouraging, with many continuing to meet, mostly by Zoom but also by email and group newsletters. Group leaders were also trying to keep in touch with members unable to access or use these alternative ways of meeting.

9. Publicity and Communication
Updates were sent to members in April and May, and hard copies posted to those not on email.
In the absence of some of the usual items included in the summer newsletter, eg the study trip and the AGM, it was agreed an 8-page newsletter could be sent electronically, and also printed off and posted to members not on email.

10. Equipment
Nothing to report.

11. AOB
There was no other business.

12. Date of next meeting: the next meeting will be held on Monday, 3 August at 10am, again by Zoom.

Aberdeen U3A committee meeting, conducted per e-mail 24 - 29 March 2020

1. Background
Due to the restrictions imposed to prevent of the spread of Covid-19, the committee was unable to meet in person.

2. Minute of previous meeting
The minute of the meeting held on 2 March were agreed and will be signed at the next regular meeting of the committee.

3. Matters arising (and not otherwise on the agenda)
Following the new advice about Covid-19 from government on 16 March, all meetings were suspended with immediate effect. This information was conveyed to members via a global e-mail, and by telephone calls to those members without e-mail.

4. Chairman's Report
It was not possible to hold the committee meeting scheduled for 30 March so agenda items were circulated and discussed remotely using e-mail. The chairman thanked all committee members for adjusting to this change, addressing the important issues promptly, and responding with valuable input to the discussion. As the situation is changing rapidly, he stressed the importance of keeping abreast of developments so that we can resume U3A activities when the time is right.

5. Secretary's Report/Correspondence
Third Age Trust had sent assorted e-mails regarding the Covid-19 spread, including advice on managing AGMS. They also asked U3As to pay their subscription fees etc by BACS rather than by cheque. The national U3A day is now postponed to 1 October.

The U3A in Scotland has cancelled the March and June assemblies, A letter for the chairwoman provided some information about keeping in touch and this was forwarded to members.

An update from OSCR on charities and coronavirus was circulated to committee members.

There was one enquiry via the website, from a potential speaker, and her details were passed to the speaker organisers.

It became clear that holding our usual AGM in June was unlikely so we await further guidance from the Third Age Trust and from OSCR.

6. Treasurer’s Report and Membership
The treasurer had circulated the March accounts and a provisional end of year summary.

As the Third Age Trust do not wish any payments by cheque meantime, it was agreed that the treasurer may use the online banking facility to make a BACS transfer to pay our subscription fees and the Third Age Matters magazines payment. Given the current difficulty in getting two signatories for cheques, it was also agreed that she pay any NAC and BB bills in the same way.

It was agreed that all group fees from the current session will be rolled over to the next session, and that if members do not rejoin the same interest group, their "credit" for the current group can be transferred as whole or part payment for another group.

The treasurer will make arrangements for this to be carried out as and when conditions allow.

Membership is now at 280.

7. Social Calendar and Events
The BB have been notified of our cancellation of the monthly meetings until further notice, and the speakers for April and May have also been notified.

All arrangements for the summer study trip to Brodie Castle have now been cancelled. In light of the expected continuation of restrictions it was agreed that the annual study trip be postponed until next year.

8. Groups Report
All bookings at the NAC have been cancelled.

The new version of the group leaders guide was e-mailed to all group leaders and main contacts, and is also on the website.

The group leaders lunch went ahead on 6 March as planned, when the new groups co-ordinator was able to speak collectively and individually to the seventeen leaders and main contacts who attended.

9. Publicity and Communication
In order to maintain communication with members, a further global e-mail will be sent out, updating members on the decisions reached at this virtual committee meeting. To ensure that all members are kept up to date, it was agreed that, for the time being, a copy of global e-mails will be posted to those members not on e-mail.

A rolling banner message has been put on the home page of the website to show that all our meetings are cancelled until further notice.

10. Equipment
The new sound system has been purchased and is currently in secure storage. The old sound system will be disposed of in due course when more options will again be available.

11. AOB
There was no other business.

12. Date of next meeting: as no formal meetings can be held until the present restrictions are lifted, any matters arising in the coming weeks will be dealt with by e-mail as necessary.