Welcome to Selby U3A

Welcome! If you are reading this it means that you are someone with an active mind and the desire to do something with your time now that you are retired. So you are just the sort of person that Selby U3A needs. Whether your interest is Astronomy, Singing or visits to historic sites, we have something for you. And if we don't, get a few friends together and start your own group. It's easy, and you will always find support. We currently have 22 Groups with leaders and several potential groups in which members have expressed an interest.

General meetings take place in Selby Town Hall normally on the first Wednesday of every month. This is where we meet, listen to a guest speaker, meet friends over a coffee and discuss the interest groups. Recent speakers have talked about owning a jet bomber, being a young farmer, and the importance of fair trade; as you can see we have wide ranging interests which reflect our members' wide ranging experiences.

Group meetings happen when and where the members of the group decide. Large groups tend to meet in church halls and libraries, small groups in members' homes, the decision is entirely down to the members.

Come and join us, we are living, laughing and learning together, and having a lot of fun doing it!

- - - - - - - -

Members will be sad to note the death of Selby U3A member Sheila Coggrave, who died at Easter.

It was Sheila who first had the idea of a U3A group in Selby, and she worked hard to make it a reality. She was also the leader of the Art History group. She died of a stroke while on holiday in Cyprus.