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Llandaff Cathedral in Autumn

This photograph was taken by Photography Group member Pat Abraham on the November photo-shoot.

Llandaff Cathedral stands on one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain. In the 6th century St Dyfrig founded a community close to the ford where the Roman road crossed the river Taff. Nothing remains of the original church.

The present cathedral dates from 1107 when Bishop Urban, the first Bishop appointed by the Normans, instigated the building of a much larger church. Over the years, it fell into disrepair, but was partially restored in the 18th Century and fully restored a hundred years later.

On January 2nd 1941, a German land-mine exploded nearby, reducing the Cathedral to almost complete ruin. The greatest achievement of the restoration during the following half-century was the reinforced concrete arch surmounted by Sir Jacob Epstein's aluminium statue of Christ in Majesty which stands between the Nave and the Choir.

Llandaff Cathedral in Autumn