Shepway & District


U3A subject groups are self-organising, and, unless otherwise stated, meet on a regular basis in members' own homes. They each have a leader, who may or may not be an expert in the subject to be studied, but who is willing to do some of the organisation.

Meetings may take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the subject and members' preferences, with normal breaks for Christmas and other holidays. We ask 30p for tea and coffee when meeting in a member's house. The cost for meetings in the Red Lion, Hythe is £1.70 to include tea/coffee and biscuits. Events at the Sports Centre, Hythe cost £2. A contribution is made towards petrol when cars are shared.

The subject groups which are currently running are listed below. Please click on a group name to find out more.

If you are interested in joining any of our groups, or would like to start up another group on any subject, please contact the Group Co-ordinator by telephone or email:
Telephone: 07938 999 015
Email: Contact

You will be advised whether places are available and given some details about the group. Your name will be passed to the group leader. The group leader will contact you and make arrangements for you to join. If there are no places at the present time, your name will be added to a waiting list and you will be advised when a vacancy arises.
The telephone will be staffed during normal working hours, with answerphone service outside these times. Please leave a message. Please await our reply. We endeavour to answer within 24 hours, if relevant to Shepway & District U3A.
Note: to join any of these groups, you must be a paid up member of the Shepway & District U3A. This is an insurance requirement as we are affiliated to the Third Age Trust

Please remember to keep in touch with the Group Leader about meetings and let the Leader know if you are going to be absent.

Group List
BadmintonThursday p.m.
Weekly in Folkestone 2pm
Band WorkshopMonday p.m.
1st/3rd at 2pm URC
Bird WatchingFriday a.m.
3rd Friday of month 9.45 am
Book CircleTuesday p.m.
1st Tuesday 2pm
BridgeTuesday a.m.
Bridge for BeginnersTuesday p.m.
10 weekly sessions from Feb 4
Bridge ImproversWednesday p.m.
3rd Wed at 2pm Hythe
CanastaThursday p.m.
2nd & 4th Thursday 2 pm
Cards/CraftsFriday p.m.
1st & 3rd Friday 2.00 pm
ChessWednesday p.m.
1st & 3rd Wednesday 2 pm
Chinese (Mandarin)Friday a.m.
1st & 3rd Friday 10.00 pm
Churches of KentWednesday a.m.
1st Wed 10.30am
Circuit TrainingThursday p.m.
Weekly at 4pm Saltwood
Coffee Mornings (Folkestone)Wednesday a.m.
3rd Wednesday 10.30 am
Coffee Mornings (Hythe)Friday a.m.
4th Friday 10.30 am
Computer UsersWednesday p.m.
4th Wednesday 2 pm
Computer WorkshopThursday p.m.
3rd Thursday 2 pm
Critical Analysis of PoetryTuesday a.m.
2/4 Tues 10.30am
CrochetTuesday a.m.
2nd Tuesday 10.00 am
Current Affairs (Folkestone)Friday a.m.
2nd Friday 10.30 am
Current Affairs (Hythe)Friday a.m.
2nd Friday 10 am
CyclingMonday a.m.
Weekly 10.00 am
Dance (Hythe)Thursday a.m.
1st/3rd Th at 11 am Hythe
Dance (Saltwood)Thursday a.m.
4th Thurs, Saltwood
Dance (Seabrook)Friday a.m.
11 am 2nd Friday Seabrook
DramaMonday p.m.
1/3 Monday 1.30
Family HistoryMonday p.m.
1st Mon. 2pm
Film GroupWednesday p.m.
4th Wednesday 6 pm
Fine DiningSaturday p.m.
4th Saturday at 7 pm
Fit FriendsWednesday a.m.
10am and 11.15am to April 9th
French BeginnersThursday p.m.
2nd & 4th Thurs pm
French ConversationWednesday a.m.
2nd/4th Wednesday 10.30 am
French ImproversTuesday a.m.
1st/3rd Tue at 10am
Gardening 1Tuesday a.m.
1st/3rd Tuesday 10.30 am
Gardening 2Tuesday p.m.
2nd & 4th Tue at 2pm
German BeginnersWednesday a.m.
2/4 Wed 10am
German ImproversWednesday a.m.
2/4 week
Italian BeginnersWednesday p.m.
2nd/4th Wed at 2pm
KurlingMonday p.m.
Weekly at 3.30pm Folkestone
Lettering & Calligraphy 4Thursday a.m.
EachThursday 6 sessions
Local History 1Thursday p.m.
1st Thursday 2 pm
Local History 2Tuesday p.m.
3rd Tues at 2pm
London History 2Wednesday p.m.
3rd Wednesday 2pm
Mahjong (Hythe 1)Monday a.m.
1st and 3rd Monday 10 am
Mahjong (Hythe 2)Monday a.m.
2nd/4th Mon 10am
Mahjong SandagteMonday a.m.
1st & 3rd Mon 10am
Media DiscussionWednesday a.m.
1st Wed 10am
Midweek Supper Club 3rd week
Motorhome & Caravan GroupThursday p.m.
4th Thursday 2.30 pm
Music - ClassicalThursday p.m.
2nd Thursday 2 pm
NovelsWednesday a.m.
2nd Wed 10.30am
Painting & SketchingMonday p.m.
2nd Mon at 1.30pm Folkes
PatchworkMonday a.m.
2nd & 4th Monday 10 am
Petanque (Boules)Wednesday a.m.
Restarting April 2014
PhotographyTuesday a.m.
1st Tuesday 10.00 am
Play Reading - FolkestoneWednesday p.m.
1st & 3rd Wednesday 2.15 pm
Play Reading - Hythe 1Monday p.m.
2nd & 4th Monday 2 pm
Play Reading - Hythe 2Monday p.m.
3rd Monday at 2 pm
PoetryThursday a.m.
1st and 3rd Thursday 10 am
PokerThursday p.m.
1st/3rd Thu 2pm
Psychology–Lect./DiscussionTuesday p.m.
4th Tue at 2pm
Religious StudiesTuesday a.m.
4th Tuesday of month 10.30 am
ScrabbleTuesday p.m.
2nd & 4th Tuesday 2 pm
Sewing Workshop 1Wednesday p.m.
1st Wed. 2pm Folkestone
Sewing Workshop 2Tuesday p.m.
3rd Tues 2pm Saltwood
ShakespeareThursday a.m.
2nd & 4th Thursdays 10 am
Share DealingFriday a.m.
2nd Friday at 10 am Folkestone
Singing for LifeWednesday a.m.
1st Wed at 11 am
Spanish BeginnersMonday a.m.
2/4 week
Sunday LunchesSunday a.m.
2nd Sunday 12.30
Table TennisWednesday p.m.
Weekly 3.00pm except week 2
Tai ChiTuesday a.m.
Weekly 12.30am Hythe
Ten Pin Bowling (Friday)Friday p.m.
2nd Friday
Ten Pin Bowling (Tuesday)Tuesday a.m.
4th Tuesday
Ukulele for BeginnersMonday p.m.
Twice a month
WalkingFriday a.m.
1st Friday 10 am
Walking - Short walksWednesday a.m.
2nd Wed 11am from April
Whist & other Card GamesTuesday p.m.
1st & 3rd Tuesday 2.00 pm
Wood CarvingMonday p.m.
2nd Mon 2.30pm Hythe
Writing Circle 1Friday p.m.
1st & 3rd Fri Hythe
Writing Circle 2Friday p.m.
2/4 Fri 2.00pm Hythe
Your Favourite PoemsFriday a.m.
3rd Fri at 10am
Timetable Summary
Day MorningAfternoon
MondayCycling, Mahjong (Hythe 1), Mahjong (Hythe 2), Mahjong Sandagte, Patchwork, Spanish BeginnersBand Workshop, Drama, Family History, Kurling, Painting & Sketching, Play Reading - Hythe 1, Play Reading - Hythe 2, Ukulele for Beginners, Wood Carving
TuesdayBridge, Critical Analysis of Poetry, Crochet, French Improvers, Gardening 1, Photography, Religious Studies, Tai Chi, Ten Pin Bowling (Tuesday)Book Circle, Bridge for Beginners, Gardening 2, Local History 2, Psychology–Lect./Discussion, Scrabble, Sewing Workshop 2, Whist & other Card Games
WednesdayChurches of Kent, Coffee Mornings (Folkestone), Fit Friends, French Conversation, German Beginners, German Improvers, Media Discussion, Novels, Petanque (Boules), Singing for Life, Walking - Short walksBridge Improvers, Chess, Computer Users, Film Group, Italian Beginners, London History 2, Play Reading - Folkestone, Sewing Workshop 1, Table Tennis
ThursdayDance (Hythe), Dance (Saltwood), Lettering & Calligraphy 4, Poetry, ShakespeareBadminton, Canasta, Circuit Training, Computer Workshop, French Beginners, Local History 1, Motorhome & Caravan Group, Music - Classical, Poker
FridayBird Watching, Chinese (Mandarin), Coffee Mornings (Hythe), Current Affairs (Folkestone), Current Affairs (Hythe), Dance (Seabrook), Share Dealing, Walking, Your Favourite PoemsCards/Crafts, Ten Pin Bowling (Friday), Writing Circle 1, Writing Circle 2
Saturday Fine Dining
SundaySunday Lunches