The University of the 3rd Age (U3A) is an international organisation run by local people.

We are a U3A Group in the County of Cheshire East, drawing our members mostly from Macclesfield and the surrounding areas of Sutton, Langley, Adlington, Gawsworth, Bollington, and Prestbury.

We currently have over 500 members and offer over forty activity groups. Most groups meet in houses of members, although some activities because of their nature or numbers of members attending are held at various venues and halls in and around Macclesfield.

We are an organisation of people for whom the world of paid work is or almost a thing of the past.
in other words, we are self-help organisation for people who are retired or semi-retired. Apart from that, there is no age limit.

We come together to learn, teaching each other and keeping active. We do not run formal courses or examinations or award certificates and no qualifications are necessary to join. However, you will learn a lot and make many friends, from all walks of life.

We have one yearly membership subscription fee of £26.00. This entitles a member to join any number of groups / classes without any further fees* apart from a small contribution for refreshments (normally 25p).

The aim of the Macclesfield U3A is to make all activities available to all members.

Macclesfield U3A is a charity in its own right and is run entirely by volunteers, drawing upon the knowledge and skills of our members to organise and provide interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership.