This month's Core meeting with our excellent speaker, Ken Dunn, proved that we made the right choice in staying with the Church for our meetings. Dot Emm and her team did an excellent job with the refreshments but there was still a knot of people staying around the biscuit table causing a traffic jam. This will be avoided at the next meeting. Derek gave a few of us an 'Induction Course' into the ins and outs of the presentation and sound equipment, and the lighting and heating, so that if he is not around someone should know what they are doing! We will be re-introducing a rota for helping to clear up after a meeting, but this is not so onerous as in the Hall as the chairs do not have to be put away, but they do need straightening up, and tables need to be put away. Some new tables have been purchased by the Church and kept in the Church storeroom so that they no longer have to be carried over from the Hall, which also makes things a lot easier.

I am pleased to announce that we now have an online Silhill U3A Calendar up and running. Geoff Williams has done a great job in assessing what was needed and putting it into practice in a simple fashion. Just go to the Events page of the website and at the top right you will see a link to U3A Calendar. This is a read-only link for members, but Committee and Interest Group Leaders will be given another link to use to insert or amend items in the calendar. This will be an easy to use resource for Interest Group Leaders to plan their events and hopefully avoid clashes of dates.

The new Curry Club proved to be very popular and the first curry will be consumed on 26th May at Spice World, Hobs Moat.

With best wishes to you all

Linda Hornby
Chairman – Silhill U3A