The committee and I would like to welcome you to our web site. We work hard with our web organiser, Geoff Williams, to try and ensure that it is kept up to date and has relevant information for you. You will find details of all our groups, together with their meeting times. We hope that you will access it regularly as a useful source of information.

We had our annual general meeting in April and feedback we received was very positive. During the meeting we included a presentation of the groups’ activities during the year, as well as many of the events and outings. The Panto and Scotland trip in February were highlighted as they were enjoyed by so many members.

We have plans for new groups as we move into a new year including a cinema, theatre and a music group as well as Rummikub and Bananagram sessions. If you have any ideas, please talk to me or Linda Hornby, our groups’ coordinator, and for events or outings, talk to Ann Wilkins.

The U3A organisation seeks to enhance and change people’s lives through education. Retired or semi retired people come together to learn, not for qualifications but for its own reward – the sheer joy of discovery. Members share their skills and life experiences, the learners teach and the teachers learn and there is no distinction between them. In conclusion, the committee and I ask for your continued support as we seek to make Silhill U3A exciting and challenging for all its members.

Derek Giles, Chairman.


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