More time for learning and activities now that you are no longer working in full-time employment?
Always wanted to develop interests, discover a new subject or share common interests?
The U3A is for people who want to keep active in mind and body, enabling members to share many educational, creative and leisure activities.

Colchester U3A is a learning co-operative, run by its own members, which brings people together to study a subject they all find interesting or to enjoy an activity.

No qualifications are needed or awarded. The word "university" is used in its original sense of people coming together to pursue and share learning. Our friendly groups usually meet in informal settings.

The "Third Age" refers to the period of life after the "First Age" of childhood dependence and the "Second Age" of full-time employment and parental responsibility, when more time can be found for personal interests and creativity.

"Learn, Laugh and Live" is our byword.

There are more than 900 branches of the U3A in the UK, and this figure is always increasing.

Colchester U3A was formed in 1985.

We now have over 400 members and have monthly meetings open to the whole membership when we have a variety of lively speakers followed by refreshments. These take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2.15 pm to 4.00 pm, at the Highwoods Community Centre (buses No 2, 8, 8A, 65). There is currently no charge for attendance.

There is an extensive range of interest groups, each led by one of its members. You can join an interest group if you are a member of either Colchester U3A or Stanway U3A, as groups are open to members of either U3A, provided that there are spaces available in the group. This means that some groups will be led by a Colchester member and some by a Stanway member.

Group Leaders share their area of interest or knowledge with like minded members; they are not necessarily experts, just enthusiasts who respond to the wishes of the group. We are always looking to start new Groups, so we welcome your ideas!

Please understand that we are unable to provide more detailed information about individual interest groups to people before they are members.

All members receive a very informative monthly newsletter together with several copies of the National U3A magazine each year.

We are currently running several full day coach excursions during this year.

Annual membership costs £12 per year.