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Following the recent update of the editing code, I have been checking sites for instances of empty pages, and pages with blank or uninformative headers. Many of those found are sub-pages whose headers and / or textual contents have never been changed. Some have been there for several years, but the number has increased in recent weeks.

When you click an option to make a sub-page, one is created immediately, with a default header - previously 'New sub-page', now 'Empty sub-page'. You should complete the process by entering a proper heading and some textual content on the resulting form, and saving the data. If that doesn't happen, the link to the empty page will remain visible on the site. And links to useless or obsolete pages of any kind give an impression of carelessness which reduces the credibility of the site as a whole.

The sub-page data-entry form now gives an option to remove a new sub-page immediately if it was created inadvertently. Please use it should you ever click the sub-page option without meaning to. More generally, don't make any new page 'in case' you might need it in future - wait until it can be populated with relevant content and an informative header. Remove now any empty pages in the area of the site for which you are responsible, and correct uninformative headers. Site administrators can use the Site Profile option to identify them, along with other points which may need attention.

Susan Jones,
January 2017

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